2018 Intellectual Contributions

January 1, 2018 – December 31, 2018

Amanda Keeler

Dr. Amanda Keeler, 2019 Scholar of the Year

Keeler, A. (2018). A Post-Apocalyptic Return to the Frontier: The Walking Dead as Post-Western. Critical Studies in Television, 13(4), 422-37.

Keeler, A. (2018). Investigating Sound: Visual and Aural Style from Broadchurch to Gracepoint. The Soundtrack, 10(1), 41-55.

Keeler, A. (2018). Old New Media: Closed-circuit Television and the Classroom. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 24(6), 538-53.

Communication Studies

Durso, Scott C.

D'Urso, S. C. (2018). Towards the Final Frontier: Using Strategic Communication Activities to Engage the Latent Public as a Key Stakeholder in a Corporate Mission. International Journal of Strategic Communication, 12(3), 288-307. doi.org/10.1080/1553118X.2018.1464008

Turner, Lynn H.

Turner, L. H., West, R. (2018). Invited Essay: Investigating Family Voices from the Margins. Journal of Family Communication, 18(2), 85-91.

Digital Media and Performing Arts

Brown, Joseph V.

Film Screenings / Exhibitions

Brown, J. V. (2018). “Killing Games: Wildlife in the Crosshairs,” Wildlife Conservation Film Festival; AFME; Animal Film Festival; Santa Barbara Film Festival; Wild & Scenic Environmental Film Festival.

Brown, J. V. (2018, April 18). "Operation Wolf Patrol: Wisconsin Wildlife Issues,” International Wildlife Film Festival; Milwaukee Short Film Festival; Freeland Film Festival; International Wildlife Film Festival; Reality Bites Film Festival; Colorado Environment Film Festival; Big Sky Documentary Film Festival; Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival.

Brown, J. V. (2018, April 4). “The Weigh Station: Bear Hunting in Florida,” Show Me Justice Film Festival.

Chattopadhyay, Sumana

Mynlieff, M., Chattopadhyay, S., Boyden, B. E. (2018, July 12). A Dangerous Precedent: Court's Ruling at Marquette. The Chronicle of Higher Education.

Cheatham, James D.

Theatre Fight Direction

Cheatham, J. D. (2018, September 6). “Grease,” Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkins, WI.

Cheatham, J. D. (2018, February 20 – March 2). “One House Over,” Milwaukee Repertory Theatre, Milwaukee, WI.

Cheatham, J. D. (2018, February 22). “Newsies”,Fireside Theatre, Fort Atkins, WI.


Cheatham, J. D. (2018, January 13). “The Skin of Our Teeth,” Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Indianapolis, IN.

Flunker, Joel K.

Music Performances

Flunker, J. K. (September 18 – 22, 2018). “Rite of Spring,” Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Milwaukee, WI.

Flunker, J. K. (June 4, 2018). “MSO Mondays with MSO Brass Quintet,” Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra Brass Quintet, Milwaukee, WI.

Flunker, J. K. (March 14–16, 2018). “NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament,” MU Pep Band, Cincinnati, OH.

Holodak, Kristin M.

Film Screening / Exhibition

Holodak, K. M. (2018). “Young of the Year,” Spotlight Short Film Awards; SENE Film Music and Arts Festival; DC Environmental Film Festival; Refuge System Birthday Bash at the National Wildlife Visitor Center.


Holodak, K. M. (2018). “Enid’s Wall,” Massachusetts Independent Film Festival; Aukland International Film Festival; University Film and Video Association; Vermont International Film Festival.

Hudson-Mairet, Stephen

Theatre — Scenic Design

Hudson-Mairet, S. C. (2018, April 7 – 29). “Top Girls,” Renaissance Theaterworks, Milwaukee, WI.

Hudson-Mairet, S. C. (2018, January 13). “The Skin of Our Teeth,” Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Indianapolis, IN.

Janners, Erik N.

Music Performances

Janners, E. N. (2018, December 1). “Knightwind Ensemble Holiday Concert,” Knightwind Ensemble, Milwaukee, WI.

Janners, E. N. (2018, July 20). “Summer Concert of the Band of Conservatorio Gioacchin Rossinio,” Band of the Conservatorio Gioacchino, Pesaro, Marche, Italy.

Janners, E. N. (2018, July 15). “Franz Schubert's Deutsche Messe for Choir and Winds,” Choir of the Basilica San Francesco di Assisi, Assisi, Umbria, Italy.

Janners, E. N. (2018, June 10). “Drexel University Spring Concert,” Drexel Concert Band, Philadelphia, PA.


Konewko, Mark

Music Performances

Konewko, M. (2018, November 5). “Šv. apaštalų Pilypo ir Jokūbo bažnyčia”, Mark Konewko, carillonneur, Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, Vilnius, Lithuania.

Konewko, M. (2018, July 11). “Carillon Concert Knaap Memorial Carillon,” Mark Konewko, carillonneur, First Evangelical Luthern Church, Green Bay, WI.

Academic Contribution

Konewko, M. (2018). In R. Janeliauskas, M. Baranauskas, and A. Vaitkeviciute (Eds.), Intuition and Rationality in Olivier Messiaen's La Nativite du Seigneur. Principles of Music Composing ratio versus intuitio Liettuvos muzikos ir teatro akademija, 2351-5155.

Loeffler-Bell, Chester M.

Lighting Design

Loeffler-Bell, Chester. (2018, January 13). “The Skin of Our Teeth,” Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival, Indianapolis, IN.

Journalism and Media Studies

 Wagner, A.Jay

Wagner, A.Jay W. (2018). A Secret Police: The Lasting Impact of the 1986 FOIA Amendments. Communication Law and Policy, 23(4), 387-426.

Strategic Communication

Berg, Kati Tusinski

Berg, K. T. (2018). Big data, equality, privacy, and digital ethics. Journal of Media Ethics 34(1), 44-46.

Berg, K. T. (2018). The ethics of artificial intelligence: superintelligence, life 3.0 and robot rights. Journal of Media Ethics 33(3), 151-153.

Gilkerson, Nathan

Wolburg, J. M., & Gilkerson, N. (2019). The Ultimate Cliffhanger: Campaign Strategies and Extreme Drinking Rituals for Turning 21. Journal of Current Issues & Research in Advertising40(1), 20-35.

Gilkerson, N. D., Anderson, B., Swenson, R. (2018). Work-Life Balance 2.0? An Examination of Social Media Management Practice  and Agency Employee Coping Strategies in a 24/7 Social World. Public Relations Journal, 12(2), 1-26.

Grow, Jean M.

Grow, J. M. (2018). Diversity and Multiculturalism in Advertising: An Interview with Leo Olper. Advertising & Society Quarterly, 19(3). 

Deng, T., Grow, J. M. (2018). Red Books Reveals Gender Segregation in Advertising Creative Departments Worldwide: A Five-Year Longitudinal Study. Advertising & Society Quarterly, 19(3). 

Grow, J. M., & Yang, S. (2018). Generation Z Enters Advertising: Workplace Expectations Through a Gendered Lens. Journal of Advertising Education, 22(1), 7-22.

Kim, Young

Kim, Y. (2018). Enhancing Employee Sensemaking and Sensegiving Communication Behaviors in Crisis Situations: Strategic Management Approach for Effective Internal Crisis Communication. Journal of Communication Management, 22(4), 451-475. 

Jeong, J., Kim, Y., Chon, M.-G. (2018). Who Is Caring for the Caregiver? The Role of Cybercoping for Dementia Caregivers. Health Communication, 33(1), 5-13.

Pokrywczynski, James V.

Pokrywczynski, J. V. (2018). Explaining Sports Fans’ Recognition of Sponsors Using the Elaboration Likelihood Model. In D. Burns and T. Rentner (Eds.), Case Studies in Sport Communication: You Make the Call (pp. 32-40). New York: Routledge

Thomas, Kevin

Thomas, K., Cross, S., Harrison, R. (2018). Race and Ethnicities. In E. Arounld and C. Thompson (Eds.),  Consumer Culture Theory (pp. 206-224). London: Sage. 

Belk, R., Mitchell, N., Eagar, T., Thomas, K., Wijland, R. (2018). Thin-slicing Tremé as a subjective sashay: heretical pilgrimages to St. Augustine Catholic Church. Consumption Markets & Culture, 21(3), 215-238.

Waters, Eric

Waters, E. D. (2018). A homeboy in the high north: Seeking and finding black culture in Norway. In J. Sørnes, L. Browning, F. Soelberg (Eds.), High North Stories in a Time of Transition: Gutsy Narratives and Wild Observations (pp. 147-158). New York: Routledge.