Scholarship Week Top Paper Awards

The Faculty/Student Symposium is an annual spring event sponsored by the college in which faculty and graduate students are encouraged to present their research. Graduate students are encouraged to submit exceptional papers written for their classes. The best student papers receive awards based on a blind review by a faculty committee.

2019 Award Winner

Winkler, Mallory: “Diversity Inclusion in Football: Ethnic Identities Represented in Media With Success of Premier League.”

2018 Award Winner

Kroll, Carly: “A Catalyst: the Trans Coming Out Experience.”

2017 Award Winner

Yang, Shiyu: “Linking Heuristic Systematic Processing in Adoption of Behavior.”

2016 Award Winner

Reit, Rachel A.: “The Influence of Military Culture and the Family on Service Members’ Help-Seeking Behaviors.”

2015 Award Winner

Taylor, Andrew G.: “Connecting the dots: issues of organizational identity among training and development professionals.”

2014 Award Winner

Brown, Enrique: “The King Stay[s] the King:” The Multiple Masculinities of The Wire.

2013 Award Winner

Lu, (Mr.) Hang: "Living Near Nuclear Power -- Risk Information Seeking and Processing.”

2012 Award Winner

Reeves, Kira-Lynn. "Manna from the Glossy Pulpit: Food Advertising in Women's Magazines."

2011 Award Winner

Kretz, Valerie. “Perceived Reality of Magazine Images of Women: A New Scale."

2010 Award Winners

Hansch, Julia. “Effects of Parental Divorce on Uncertainty Following Initial Communication with a Potential Romantic Partner."

Fennelly, Julia, Erica Gordon and Liz Thorson. “How a Sense of Community is Created on University Facebook Pages."

2009 Award Winners

Hansch, Julia. Nixon's versus Clinton's Apologia while Facing Impeachment: An Application of Linkugel and Ware's Theory of Apologetics."

Meness, Jennifer, Dawn Balistreri and Ruby Thomas. "Eroding, Embracing, or Elevating the McNeighborhood: An Analysis of Milwaukee's McDonald's Restaurants."

2008 Award Winners

Meness Jennifer L. “Smoke Signals as Equipment for Living.”

Venger, Olesya V. “How can I Change the World? Developing Cause Video Games.”

2007 Award Winners

Shebesta, Kristin A. "Laptop Use in the Classroom: Technology's Impact on Performance."

Venger, Olesya V. "Para-social Interaction Theory: Applications to Ukrainian Political Advertising."

2006 Award Winners

Han, Xiaoqi. "What is Blurring Your Eyes? Illusions about (the) China Market."

Pua, Tiffany. "Food-Travel Programming on the Food Network: Rhetorical Considerations within $40 a Day."

2005 Award Winners

Christopher, Stephanie. "Patients Exerting Control with Their Physician: Bringing Direct-to-Consumer Prescription Drug Advertising into the Conversation."

Shulusky, Christine. "Harry Potter and the Ideology of Equality."

2004 Award Winners

Currey, Laura. "The Rhetoric of McCarthyism: Ethical Considerations and Parallels Today."

Park, Jin Seong. "A Peep into the World of Sexual Fantasies: Fantasy Theme Analysis of Korean Internet Pornographic Novels." (Also presented to the Critical and Cultural Studies Division, Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication 86th Annual Conference, July 30-August 2, 2003, Kansas City, Missouri.)

2003 Award Winners

Leick, Jaime. "Social Issue News: Where's the Story?"

Park, Jin Seong. "The Story of Depression: An Investigation into the Discourse of Depression as Constructed in Direct-to-consumer Antidepressants Advertising." (Paper won the 7th Annual Maria Dittman Research Paper Competition at Marquette. Also presented to the Popular Culture Division of the International Communication Association Annual Conference, May 27-31, 2004, New Orleans, Louisiana.)

2002 Award Winners

Cuisinier, Aimee. "Uses and Gratifications Research."

Frye, Joshua. "Pragmatic Idealism and Latent Exigency in Political Environmental Rhetoric: A Critical Reading of President's Bush's June 11, 2001 Address to the Nation on Climate Change Policy Options." (Also presented at the 7th Biannual Conference on Communication and the Environment, July 19-21, 2003, Silver Falls, Oregon).

Inman, K. Alex. "The Effect of Web Based Learning."

2001 Award Winners

Hancock, Rebecca. "A Semiotic Analysis of Smoking Advertisements in the Marquette University Tribune, 1930-1932."

Quinn, Candice. "Rise Up Brothers and Sisters: a Semiotic Reading of a Social Revolutionary Manifesto."

2000 Award Winners

Harder, Nancy"'Intranet Uses and Gratifications in Individualist and Collectivist Cultures in a Multinational Organization."

Roquemore, Bobbi. "Media Monopoly: The Threat to Content Diversity"'

Wei, Chun. "Working Knowledge as a Determinant of Attitude Change: Biased Systematic Processing in Advertising."