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What is an internship?

An internship is a career development experience that gives you the opportunity to put communication theory into practice in real-life situations. A professional within the industry of your major supervises all internships.

Why do I need to do an internship?

Working in an internship provides you with the opportunity to gain exposure to your chosen career field, explore the career possibilities within that field, and to develop and enhance skills needed in the industry. Also, having an internship on your resume provides prospective employers with insight into your capabilities.

Is an internship required to graduate?

If you are majoring in advertising or public relations, completion of ADPR 3986 for three (3) credits is a graduation requirement. All other majors are strongly encouraged to complete at least one internship prior to graduation.

Who is eligible to do internships for credit?

 All Diederich College of Communication majors are eligible to complete an internship for credit.

Does the internship course meet weekly like my other courses?

Although you will work 1-3 days per week at your internship, you will not meet in a class. However, you will be required to attend 3-4 seminars facilitated by the Internship Director over the course of the semester.

How do I know if my internship is creditable?

 Any internships posted by the Internship Director or Handshake through the Career Services Center are creditable experiences. If you find your internship elsewhere, provide a copy of the description to the Internship Director to determine its creditability.

Where can I find information on internships?

The Career Services Center offers internship postings online and at the center in Holthusen Hall. For even more opportunities, check with faculty members and search the websites of professional organizations in your major area of study. The Internship Director will also work with you to find internship opportunities beyond those listed on the website.

Can I be in a paid internship and still get credit for it?

 Yes, you can. 

What should I do to get credit for my internship?

Once you have been offered, and have accepted, an internship you will complete and submit to the Internship Director an application for enrollment. Upon receipt of your completed application, the Internship Director will provide you with a permission to register number so you can enroll in the internship course via Checkmarq. A complete application package will include a completed application, goals sheet for the course, and a supervisor letter confirming your hire. 

If I do not need to earn credit for my internship, do I still have to enroll in an internship course?

Yes, you do. All students working in an internship must be enrolled in an internship course. If you do not want or need the additional credits, you will enroll in a zero-credit internship course.

When should I start looking for internships?

Most students start looking for their first internships their sophomore year or the summer right after completing their freshman year.

What should I do to prepare myself to apply for internship opportunities?

Before applying, work with a career counselor at Career Services Center to develop your resume. If you already have a resume, it is still recommended to have a career counselor review it prior to sending it out to prospective employers.

Do I have to apply only to internship opportunities posted in our college or Handshake?

No, you can apply to any opportunities that come your way – through faculty referrals, word of mouth from your classmates, family, or friends.

Is there a magic number of internships I should complete by graduation?

It is recommended that you complete at least two (2) internships. Some students have completed 3-5 internships before graduating. These internships do not all have to be for credit.

Can I earn more than three (3) internship course credits?

 Yes, you can – usually up to 9 credits, with a maximum of 3 credits per internship.

Do I pay tuition for internship credit?

Yes, just as you pay tuition for other credit hours. The tuition is charged during the semester you complete your internship. Internships for credit completed during the Fall and Spring semesters are part of your full-time tuition fees. Internships for credit completed during the J-session or the summer session are separately billed at summer tuition rates. Credits for internship experiences cannot be deferred to a different semester.

Can the internship count for honors credit?

Students in the university's Honors Program can complete an internship for honors credit. The co-directors of the Honors Program, not the Diederich College of Communication, approve honors credit.

Can I get an internship in my hometown or some other part of the country and earn credit for it?

Yes, you can.

Can I get internship credit while doing an internship while studying abroad?

Yes, you can.

Whom do I contact about internships?

First, meet with your adviser to discuss when an internship best fits into your overall graduation plans. Then meet with the Diederich College of Communication Internship Director:

Sheena M. Carey
Johnston Hall, Room 118
(414) 288-7026