Michael SchilfPresident and Co-Founder, The Script Lab

As a Professor, Michael Schilf has taught composition, argumentation, literature, screenwriting, and motion picture film analysis. An innovator in education and an expert on active learning, Schilf conceived of and completed the Active Learning Initiative at Glendale College, producing a web-based open resource of best practices in active learning for higher education institutions of all levels.

In 2010, Schilf co-founded The Script Lab, a screenwriting resource and entertainment news outlet, specifically designed for writers, filmmakers, and creators. As President and Editorial Director, Schilf developed content that helped The Script Lab gain brand recognition as an industry leader, providing high-quality E-learning and industry education to millions worldwide. In 2014, The Script Lab was acquired by TSL Media, Inc., and Schilf stayed on as an Educational Consultant.

Schilf is an acclaimed screenwriter, script doctor, and story consultant. He has penned nine features, six TV pilots, numerous shorts, as well as written and directed a webisode series. In addition, Schilf has written for nearly 100 advertising campaigns (Nike, American Express, KIA, Volvo, Walmart, Ford, Target, Chrysler, Lexus, BMW, and Mercedes Benz), working with directors such as Jesse Dylan (American Wedding, Kicking & Screaming), James Frost (Radiohead’s“House of Cards”, OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass”), and Steven Tsuchida (Community, New Girl, Sirens).

Schilf is also the co-author of TSL’s Encyclopedia of Screenwriting, and his latest work The Sins of My Father, takes an introspective look at growing up with an absentee, alcoholic, mentally ill father.