Explore Your Passion for Music

A music minor will provide students with a strong foundational knowledge of the theoretical and structural underpinnings of music – how music is composed and how the craft of musical composition has progressed over time.

You will gain a broad understanding of the history of Western Art Music, beginning with the music of the ancient Greeks and progressing through Medieval and Renaissance music, Baroque, Classical and Romantic period musical forms, and music of the modern era. Additionally, you will learn about the crucial role the Catholic church has played in the development of this music.

Students will have achieved a high level of performance competency in their area through participation in musical performances of high quality as a member of the University’s musical ensembles. To help fulfill the requirements of this minor, students can join an instrumental group or a vocal group.

Develop as a musician. Learn to speak and write intelligently about musical performance, music history, and music theory.

Explore your passion through the flexibility provided by elective credit within the minor.

Student take the following required courses:

  • MUSI 2410 Music History
  • MUSI 2500 Music Theory 1
  • MUSI 3500 Music Theory 2

Students choose from two of the following courses:

  • MUSI 1610 Carillon Discovery
  • MUSI 2420 History of the Musical in America
  • MUSI 2440 History of Jazz
  • MUSI 2460 Wind Band History and Analysis
  • MUSI 2910 The Business of Music
  • MUSI 3610 Conducting
  • HIST 3165 History of Rock and Roll

In addition, students must participate in at least four semesters of one-credit, approved ensembles including:

  • MUSI 1100 University Chorus
  • MUSI 1200 Symphonic Band
  • MUSI 1300 Symphonic Orchestra