Sean Patrick MurphyActor, Writer, and Director


Sean Patrick Murphy is an American Actor, writer, and producer who graduated from Marquette’s College of Communication in 1994.  He appeared in multiple movies like The House starring Will Ferrell and Amy Poeler, Car Dogs, Jack Frost 2: Revenge of the Mutant Killer Snowman, Thank You for Smoking and the 2009 Oscar-winning, Avatar.  Murphy’s work crosses over to the small screen, appearing in nearly 70 television commercials and shows including Scorpion, The Mentalist, and Criminal Minds. Rounding out his resume, Murphy wrote, produced, and directed "Poop Notice," an eight-episode Web series put out in 2014.  Murphy made it to the Top 10 of “Project Greenlight,” a contest hosted by HBO searching for the next up-and-coming filmmakers.  Murphy currently works for ElFun Productions and resides outside of Los Angeles with his wife of 18 years, Jennifer Simpson Murphy, and their three children; son Declan and daughters Elliot and Rhys. (