MU Students Work at Hope Summer Repertory Theatre

Pictured Above: Little Women, a Marquette Theatre production directed by Lenny Banovez

Theatre Arts at Marquette regularly invites guest artists to work on productions side-by-side with our students. These professionals not only bring their skills and experience into our program, they also bring real-world connections.

For example, Lenny Banovez is the Artistic Director of two professional companies, Titan Theatre Company in New York City and Hope Summer Repertory Theatre in Michigan. Last fall, Lenny Banovez was invited to direct Little Women at Marquette. He has since hired five Theatre Arts students to work and to serve as interns at Hope this summer:

Krista Kanderski (`19) has been hired as a Stage Manager. She’ll be managing the show Truth: The Testimonial of Sojourner Truth, as well as serving as Assistant Stage Manager for two other shows, Murder for Two and Shakespeare in Love.

Grace Wier (`20) has been hired as a Costume Shop Intern/Stitcher. Grace is studying costume design at Marquette and will put these skills to use as the Costume Designer for Cinderella.

Lindsay Webster (`19) is an Acting Intern playing Piggie in Elephant and Piggie, playing Minnie and understudying Pauline in West Side Story, and understudying Molly in Shakespeare in Love

Emily Kraus (`20) is a General Production Intern and will be rotating through the scene, paint, props, lighting, sound, and costume shops throughout the summer, attending different masterclasses, and working on at least one run crew for a show. Emily is also a performer and will be understudying the role of Queen Elizabeth in “Shakespeare in Love.”

Nick Parrott (`19) is an Acting Apprentice & Choreographer, playing the roles of Frees and Robin in Shakespeare in Love (understudying Marlowe), playing Snowboy in Westside Story (understudying Riff and Baby John), understudying Suspects in Murder for Two. He’ll also be choreographing, playing piano, and an ensemble member in The Old Man & the Old Moon.

These interns not only participate in the productions but also attend master classes and possibly have the opportunity to teach children workshops. The Marquette Theatre faculty members are committed to continuing to develop relationships with working professionals who provide invaluable opportunities to our students.