Theatre Arts Interview and Audition Information

Theatre Arts production of student in purple dress with black hat and glovesAny student wishing to enroll as a Theatre Arts major at Marquette University must interview and/or audition with members of the theatre faculty prior to admission to the program. Prospective Theatre Arts majors will not be officially accepted into the department until this important interview process is completed. Of course, enrolled Marquette students may participate provisionally until they are accepted as a Theatre Arts major.

The interview/audition process provides the theatre faculty with an opportunity to better know each prospective student’s theatrical experience and talents, educational goals, and career expectations. We are looking for talent and skill, but also for the “right fit.”

Marquette University Theatre Arts attends the National Thespian Festival each summer in Lincoln Nebraska. You may audition for the Theatre Arts program at the festival, but understand that acceptance to Marquette University is a separate and necessary step to becoming an MU Theatre Arts major. Application to Marquette University is free and can be completed online. (Application deadline is December 1st.)

Preparing for Audition

  • (For performers) Please, prepare 2 contrasting one-minute monologues. In addition, if you would like to present a section of a song or dance piece, you may have an additional 2 minutes. On Scholarship Day, February 27, 2021 an accompanist will be provided. For other audition dates, you must provide your own, recorded accompaniment.
  • (For designers/technicians/stage managers) Please, prepare a portfolio or “scrap book” of your work to date. This can include photos and sketches, process shots and completed results. Designers can include artwork, models or samples of work. Stage managers might include prompt books and/or organizational documents used in production. Be prepared to talk us through the highlights of your portfolio (in approx. 10 minutes). [These materials will not be kept.]
  • Please, present a resume or list of previous theatrical and related experiences. (Related experiences can include such items as: dance, movement, acrobatics, yoga, art classes, art/craft projects, musicianship, choir, etc.) Be prepared to talk us briefly through the highlights of your resume.
  • Please, provide one reference regarding your work as a theatre artist. This can be a teacher, drama coach, director or other. This reference with current contact information can be listed on your resume.
  • Please, present a headshot or recent photo (to be kept in your file).
  • The interview portion allows you to share more about your personality and interests other than theatre. Please, be prepared to talk about successes and challenges, your future aspirations, and feel free to ask questions about Marquette Theatre Arts.

Scheduled Program Audition Dates

Scholarship Day - Saturday, February 27, 2021

The ideal date to audition, if possible is our Scholarship Day; audition for the program, take tours, participate in activities, meet student/staff, and compete for talent scholarships, all in one day. If none of the scheduled audition dates work with your schedule, we will be happy to try and accommodate your availability. The department will accept video taped auditions that meet the above specifications for acceptance purposes only – all Scholarship auditions must be done on campus, in person, on the Marquette Theatre Arts Scholarship Audition Day.

In all cases, you must schedule an interview/audition time in advance.

To schedule your Program Interview/Audition

To participate in any of the scheduled Program Audition/Interview dates, to schedule an alternative date, or if you are a student who has been accepted/waitlisted at Marquette University and would like to attend the 2021 Scholarship Day, please contact:

Jamie Cheatham, head of Marquette Theatre Arts recruitment at  

Or send an online Program Audition Request