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Tuition refunds are automatically generated when a student's account comes to a credit balance. An account may come to a credit balance for a variety of reasons: financial aid exceeds tuition and other charges; combination of financial aid and personal payments exceeds charges; tuition adjustment for dropping a class; etc.

Tuition refunds are generated on Mondays and Thursdays. Weeks with a university holiday may require a different schedule. Students are notified that a refund will be available via their Marquette e-mail account the day the refund is available.

Tuition refunds are directly deposited into the student's checking or savings account.  For further assistance, please contact Marquette Central at (414) 288-4000.

Direct Deposit Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for direct deposit of my refund?

Log on to CheckMarq and on the Quick Links Bursar tab click on the Sign Up for direct deposit refunds or student payroll link. Click on Add Account. Enter your Bank Routing Number, Account Number, the Account Type and click Save. Click OK. You will then be able to review or edit the information you entered. Further instructions can be viewed online as well.

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How long does it take before direct deposit will be in effect?

Your record is updated by the next business day. Due to timing your change may not be reflected on the next direct deposit refund or paycheck.

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How long will this authorization remain in place?

The direct deposit will remain in effect (a) until you delete your bank account information in CheckMarq; (b) your bank/credit union no longer honors or accepts direct deposits; (c) your account closes.

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How will I know when my refund monies are deposited in to my bank account?

You will receive an e-mail notification from the Office of the Bursar sent directly to your Marquette e-mail account.

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When will my funds be available?

Funds should post to your account within one to two business days of receiving an e-mail notification from the Office of the Bursar sent directly to your Marquette e-mail account.

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I have received the direct deposit for the current term, but I have additional charges this term. Will money be removed from my account?

Marquette will not withdraw money from your bank account. However, you will receive a bill for the new charges and it is your responsibility to pay them.

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My financial aid award has changed, and I now have charges on my account.

If the Office of Student Financial Aid determines your financial need or eligibility has changed after receiving your refund, you will be required to repay Marquette the difference. Failure to repay specified funds will result in a hold placed on academic records, transcripts and diplomas and you will not be able to register for subsequent terms.

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What happens if my refund is returned by my bank?

If money has been directly deposited into a closed bank account, we must wait for the receiving bank to return the funds. Once the funds are returned to Marquette, you will receive an e-mail notifying you the funds have been returned due to bad account information or a closed account. You will need to correct your bank information on CheckMarq in order for a new refund to be processed.


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The Office of the Bursar produces semester bills, processes student payments and credits student accounts with financial aid. Semester bills include tuition, housing charges, and other applicable fees.

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