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Marquette University strongly recommends that all students sign up for Direct Deposit. Instructions for setting up a Direct Deposit accountPDF icon can be found here. Student pay dates are listed on the Student Payroll Calendar.

Students signed up for Direct Deposit can view their paychecks online at MyJob (restricted to campus or Marquette VPN). Students not signed up for Direct Deposit may pick up their paychecks in the Payroll Department, Straz Tower, 175.

If you expected a paycheck but it was not available, talk to your supervisor immediately. Your paycheck may be delayed until the following pay day if the salary paperwork was submitted late. Students will be paid for all hours worked.



The Marquette University Student Employment Services is one of the units within the Office of Student Financial Aid and has the following responsibilities:

  • Help students secure employment for the purpose of offsetting educational expenses.
  • Help students obtain career related and practical work experience.
  • List (through JobConnection) of on and off campus job vacancies.
  • Ensure university-wide compliance with student employment policies and procedures, and to recommend and implement revisions.
  • Recommend and implement procedures for compliance with federal, state, and university regulations regarding student employment, Federal Work Study, and/or the Job Location and Development programs.
  • Help student employees understand their responsibilities and commitment to their jobs and their employer.

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