Student Employment Wage Levels

The wage scale for student employees is based on a classification system with four grade levels. Pay must fall within the range stipulated and assigned on JobX. A student may be paid anywhere within the designated range, however it is suggested that students begin at the lower end of the range in order to allow for raises if a student continues with the same employer. Raises are given at the discretion of the supervisor or department. Raises are often determined by department employment budget.

The federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.

Grade level of pay is based on skill/responsibility of job, not year in school.

Wage Level

Job Characteristics

Wage Level One: 7.25 - 11.00

  • Perform mostly basic and/or routine tasks, requiring little prior knowledge, experience, and/or training to complete.
  • Minimal degree of responsibility. Often direct supervision provided.

Wage Level Two: 8.70 - 13.00

  • Perform some intermediate tasks, requiring some prior knowledge, experience, and/or training to complete.
  • Moderate degree of responsibility. Some direct supervision provided.

Wage Level Three: 10.00 - 15.75


  • Perform predominantly intermediate tasks, requiring prior knowledge, experience, and/or training to complete.
  • Elevated degree of responsibility. Limited direct supervision; may involve some supervising or leading others.

Wage Level Four: 12.50 - 18.75

  • Perform many advanced tasks, requiring broad and/or extensive prior knowledge, experience, or training to complete.
  • High degree of responsibility. Often independent judging with no direct supervision; typically involves supervising or leading others.

If you hire someone outside of the Wage Range assigned to a job you MUST complete an Excess Pay Request Form and submit it to the Office of Student Employment. The Payroll Authorization will not go to Payroll until this document is received, reviewed, and approved by the Office of Student Employment in cooperation with Human Resources. If you have an exception, it needs to be approved first!

The grid below shows examples of responsibilities and how they correspond with wage levels. Skills may include but are not limited to the examples below. Your department should factor in the evaluation review possibilities of merit-based increase in wages. Make sure you don’t pick a starting wage that doesn't leave room to grow within that range.

Wage level skills