Why Budget?

Budgeting seems time consuming. Besides, as long as you only allow yourself to have that morning mocha once or twice a week, you should be fine, right? Maybe not...

Budgeting isn’t just about making sure you can afford to pay your bills every month. It’s also about being able to plan and save for your future goals. If you budgeted properly, maybe instead of that mocha on the way to class you could pay off that credit card!

Budgeting Tips

Utilize a spending diary, whether it’s with a notebook, an Excel doc, or a mobile app!

See how much you spend in a month and what you’re putting that money towards.

Evaluate your habits. See if you can cut down on a certain item to save up for a long term goal; like paying off those student loans, a car or even a special trip!

Budgeting Tips 4 College Life!

Budgeting Resources

Here are a couple great resources to help you achieve your budgeting goals! Look for more on our resources link!

JumpStart Reality Check — Allows you to view the cost of current or future aspirational lifestyles!

Mint — This secure site will help you create a budget. There’s even an app for on-the-go savings!