How Do I Complete an Adobe Acrobat Form?

Most of the Office of the Registrar forms available online are Acrobat PDF files that you can fill out on your computer. To view and complete PDF forms, you will need Adobe Reader, a free document reader, installed.

We recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader to use these forms. You may encounter error messages when using these forms with older versions of Adobe Reader.

If you choose to use an older version of Adobe Reader, however, you should be able to complete and print these forms, regardless of any error messages you may receive upon opening the file.

To complete a PDF form

  1. Open the form in Acrobat Reader.
  2. Place the cursor inside a form field and click. The I-Beam cursor is for typing text. The arrow cursor can select a button, a checkbox, a radio button or choose an item from a list.
  3. After entering text or selecting an item, checkbox or radio button, press tab on your keyboard to advance to the next form field.
  4. When complete, print the form. Use a pen to sign and date the form.
  5. Return the form as instructed.