How Do I Register for a MIAD Course?

Marquette University and the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design have established a joint cross-registration process whereby undergraduate students can register for classes at MIAD. These courses are listed in the Marquette Schedule of Classes under the subject are FIAR and may fulfill a fine arts requirement or minor requirements in studio art or art history.

Registration in the MIAD courses is by permission only and students must complete the Marquette/MIAD Cross Registration form.

The student's registration will be forwarded to MIAD for approval at the close of MIAD's early registration process. (MIAD's early registration is approximately two weeks after Marquette's.)

MIAD will process the student's request in the order it is received at the Office of the Registrar. Because approval is granted on a first-come, first-served basis, students are encouraged to submit requests as early as possible.

If approved, the Office of the Registrar will issue a permission number to the student. The permission number will be sent to the student's Marquette email account and can be used to register in the FIAR course via CheckMarq.

Registration at MIAD will be guaranteed for two weeks after the permission number is issued. If the permission number is not used within those two weeks, the student must complete a new form to register for the MIAD course.

Important: At this time, only undergraduate students are eligible to participate in the cross registration process. Graduate students will not be given permission to register for these courses.