Apply for the Axthelm Award

Sophomores and Juniors in the college are invited to apply for the Axthelm Award. The application cycle for the next award will open in spring of 2022.

This merit-based award is for students who demonstrate a keen interest and ability in sports communication, whether that ability is expressed through coverage of sporting events, promotion of sports or other means. Recipients should exhibit exceptional writing ability and possess an interest in pursuing a career in sport communication. The award includes a scholarship pending review of the student’s financial aid package. Students who have previously received this scholarship are not eligible to apply again. 

About the Axthelm Memorial Program

The Pete and Bonnie Axthelm Memorial Program was established in 1994 at Marquette University to acknowledge and recognize the life of Pete Axthelm and his sister Bonnie. Every year this program awards a scholarship to an outstanding Marquette journalism student with an expressed interest in sports journalism.

  • Pete Axthelm was one of America's foremost sports journalists. Although a Yale alum, he created ties to Marquette University while working on his critically acclaimed book, "The City Game," which covers the glory and tragedy of New York basketball. While writing and researching his book, Axthelm sought the expertise of such Marquette notables as Al McGuire, Pat Smith, and Dean Meminger. During his distinguished career as a sportswriter and columnist for the New York Herald Tribune, Sports Illustrated and Newsweek, Pete established a reputation as a gifted journalist. His knowledge of sports combined with his journalistic skills led him to sports commentator positions for NBC and ESPN.
  • Bonnie Axthelm was among the highest ranking women at 3M Europe during her lifetime. She began her notable career as a secretary at Media Networks Incorporated, eventually rising through the company to hold the top position of Executive Director of Corporate Marketing and Public Affairs. Bonnie’s name was added to the memorial scholarship in after her death in 1998.

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