Chris Farley with his family at Marquette

Chris Farley's Legacy Lives On

Chris Farley, a student in the Marquette University College of Speech, became a popular comedian and actor. Perhaps best known for his work on Saturday Night Live, Chris also starred in several hit movies before his untimely death in 1997. The Christopher Crosby Farley Scholarship is a Merit award presented to a junior for creativity and positive use of humor, based on application and audition.

The 2021 application is now closed; the deadline was March 5. 

Current and Past Winners

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Maeve LeFevour

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2020: Deija Richards

Deija Richards, a student majoring in Theatre Arts, is the 2020 winner. 

2019: Garrett Christiaens

Garrett Christiaens is the 2019 winner. Garrett shares family stories growing up in Montana.

2018: Danny Lang

Danny Lang is the 2018 winner. He discusses his challenges incoming out to his parents, overcoming stage fright and performing in his high school production of Grease, while battling shingles and a sinus infection. 

2017: Michael Nicholas

 The 2017 Chris Farley Scholarship Competition Winner is Michael Nicholas, for his song "Like Chris."