Dave Hanneken
David HannekenMarquette University

Johnston Hall, 312

MilwaukeeWI53201United States of America
(414) 288-5124

Teaching Instructor

Strategic Communication


M.S., Marquette University (1986)

Courses Taught

ADVE 1400 Advertising Principles
ADVE 3000 Consumer Insight and Brand Strategy
ADVE 3400 Content Ideation and Copywriting
ADVE 4997 Advertising Campaigns

Research Interests

Media/audience relationships in persuasive communication
New media technologies
History of advertising

Professional Experience

30 years a copywriter, business owner, speaker, mentor, creative director, teacher, and a published author. Dave spent 30+ years in the ad agency world as a copywriter and creative director, first at boutique agency Curro Eichenbaum, then at internationally acclaimed shops like Ogilvy & Mather, Cramer Krasselt, Laughlin Constable and Hoffman York. He was also a partner in his own agency, Kohnke Hanneken, and he won some of the industry’s highest honors, including: One Show pencils, Clio statues, Cannes Lions and Effie Golds. Dave produced ads for popular brands like Miller Lite, Kleenex, SCJohnson Wax, United Parcel Service, Dove Body Wash, American Express, Harley-Davidson, Wahl Clippers, Napoleon Grills, Hyatt Resorts and many more. His time teaching as an adjunct at Marquette earned him the Diederich College's “Adjunct Teacher of the Year” award after his first year in the classroom. 

Professional Affiliations

ALS Association, Board Member
United Adworkers Club, President
Islands of Brilliance, Board Member


Hanneken, Dave (2021) What’s So Wrong With a Spiral Staircase? Why too many brands are like homebuyers. Muse by Clio.  https://musebycl.io/musings/whats-so-wrong-spiral-staircase

Hanneken, Dave (2020) Why Creativity Is Key During a Recession. We’ve been here before. Don’t play it safe. Muse by Clio.  https://musebycl.io/musings/why-creativity-key-during-recession

Honors and Awards

Winner & Finalist (4x), Milwaukee 99 Adworkers Competition (2021)
Winner & Finalist (6x), Milwaukee 99 Adworkers Competition (2020)
Effie Finalist, New York, Napoleon Grills Campaign (2019)
Winner & Finalist (3x), Milwaukee 99 Adworkers Competition (2019)
Winner & Finalist (3x), Milwaukee 99 Adworkers Competition (2018)
Effie Gold Winner, New York, United Parcel Service (2013)
Effie Gold Winner, New York, American Family Insurance (2012)
Finalist, One Show Competition, New York (February 2012)
Adjunct Teacher of the Year Award, Diederich College of Communication, Marquette University (May 2011)
Agency profile in Communication Arts Magazine, Palo Alto, CA (April 2004)

Why Marquette

My connection to the university is rooted deep, as I not only graduated from Marquette, but my father was also a professor of mathematics here for 40 years. So one could say Marquette is in my blood. I’m a firm believer in fostering creative thinking, in all fields of interest. At what point does “being creative” become an embarrassment? Why are the words “artsy-fartsy” always used in a negative light? I wish I knew. I often tell my students that if they take one thing out of my classes, it’s that they learn the importance of creative problem-solving. I understand some may not go into advertising at all, but that should not preclude them from thinking outside of the box when facing a problem. Yes, I want students to work hard. I want them to have a great understanding of advertising and all its changing facets. But I also want them to see the world differently. Dare I say I believe creativity can save the world?  Yes, I do.  Dare I encourage students to embrace the power of creativity? Yes, I do.