Fine Arts Minor/MIAD Program

The Fine Arts minor represents a unique program created in collaboration with the nearby Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design (MIAD). The collaboration offers students the opportunity to enhance creative skills, increase knowledge of the arts and fulfill artistic desires by choosing one of two 18-credit minors: Graphic Design or Fine Studio Art. Each minor offers a unique blend of creative conceptualizing, execution, theory and technology.

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MIAD is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), which accredits visual art programs. This collaboration offers students an exceptional opportunity to experience the best Jesuit education while taking advantage of the offerings from a highly esteemed fine arts college. In choosing a fine arts minor, students are able to pursue creative development with a highly specific focus.


Students who wish to pursue a FIAR minor must apply for admission to the program. Space is limited and applications are only accepted from Freshmen and Sophomores. Applications are due by

October 1

(for admission in spring term) or February 15 (for admission in fall term). Applicants will be notified of their status by October 15 (for spring term) or March 1 (for fall term). All program applications should be emailed to the Program Director, Sheena Carey, at No late applications will be accepted. You must provide an artist statement, a portfolio with up to 10 samples of your work and one letter of reference.

The artist statement should be a 500- to 750-word statement describing the history of your interests and experiences in art, your goals and what motivates you to achieve those goals. Your statement should also include the following: your name, college, rank (freshman or sophomore), major and desired FIAR minor.

Up to 10 samples of your work should be uploaded into an online portfolio and the link to it should be included at conclusion of your artistic statement, along with the name of your reference.

Reference letters should come from someone who knows of your creative passion and may be a high school teacher. Letters should be sent directly to the Program Director:


Only full-time Marquette students, accepted into the FIAR program as declared FIAR minors, may registrar for classes. Normally FIAR minors complete one course per semester. However, under some circumstances students may be allowed to register for a second class. Students may not exceed 18 FIAR credits overall. Students must meet any prerequisites before registering for a course. Placement is subject to availability. Students should consult the Schedule of Classes at the time of registration. Registration forms must be filed by November 15 (for spring term) and April 15 (for fall term). The MIAD Registration form is located on the Marquette Central academic forms website. The tuition cost of enrolling in MIAD courses is included in the Marquette full-time student tuition rate. However, other course material fees may apply, and students will need to pay them directly to MIAD before the start of classes. Additionally, MIAD requires a laptop computer for all Graphic Design and Photography minors. A 15” Apple MacBook Pro is strongly recommended. Finally, do not contact MIAD teachers or the registrar regarding scheduling, substitutions and/or waivers. All of these must be approved by Ms. Carey, the Marquette Fine Arts Program Director.

Students registered for FIAR course will receive notification from MIAD shortly before classes begin. This notification will include information about supplies, class location, course website, parking options, as well as any specific instructions from individual MIAD instructors. Student lockers are available at MIAD. Transportation to MIAD is not provided; however public transportation is readily available and many students car pool. Finally, all FIAR courses are offered at MIAD unless otherwise noted. MIAD is located at 273 East Erie Street.

Cost and Logistics

The cost of Fine Arts classes are included in Marquette's tuition. However, course materials and fees may apply and students will need to pay those fees directly to MIAD before the start date of classes. Shortly before the beginning of the semester, MIAD will send information about supplies, class location, course website, parking options, as well as any specific instructions from their individual MIAD instructors. Transportation to MIAD is not provided, however, public transportation is readily available and many students car pool. Students are also provided a locker at MIAD, which is located at 273 E. Erie Street.

Minor Tracks

Course listings at MIAD (for Marquette students)

Questions? Want to learn more?

Ms. Sheena Carey
Director of Fine Arts Minor/Internship Coordinator
Diederich College of Communication
(414) 288-7026