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We are excited that our students can now upload documents directly to Marquette! We know that the process of scanning and uploading documents can be challenging so we put together this guide to make the process easier! Please use the instructions below to help navigate the process of document upload.

Follow these Easy Steps...

Login to CheckMarq and review which documents have been requested by Marquette. You can follow these instructions on how to find out which documents are needed. Below are instructions for Android and iPhone users.

Step 1

No matter the type of phone, the tips below are universal

  • Use a contrasting background: If you’re scanning a white document, put it on a dark background. This will help the camera find the edges.
  • Try to get a straight-over shot: If you need to place the paper on the floor to get a perfect overhead shot, do that. It’ll result in a much cleaner scan.
  • Be patient, it may take more than one shot: Sometimes the scan feature clips the edges off of a document, cutting part of it off. It may take a few tries to get it just right.
Step 2

iOS Users (iPhone or iPad)

  • Launch the Notes app on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Create a New Note.
  • Tap the More button just above the keyboard. It will look like a "+" symbol.
  • Tap Scan Document from the list of options.
Screenshots of how to scan a document using an iPhone.


  • Line up the document that you are trying to scan.
  • If the scanner doesn't automatically scan. Use the shutter button, same button you would use to take a picture, and that will scan the document.
  • Repeat steps 5-6 for every page you want to scan.
  • Once all the pages have been scanned, hit Save.
Screenshot of how to scan a document while using iPhone.


How to convert your scanned document into a PDF

  • With the document open, hit the share button. It is in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Hit the Create PDF button.
Screenshot of saving a scanned document as a pdf on iPhone
  • Tap the Share button in the left corner.
  • Select Save to Files.
Screenshot of how to save a pdf on iPhone
  • After the documents are saved, please proceed to the document upload portal in CheckMarq to complete your document submission.
Step 3

Android Users

  • Open the Google Drive app Drive logo
  • In the bottom right corner, tap the Add button.Screenshot of how to initiate the scanning process in google drive
  • Tap Scan button, the button looks like a camera.Scan screenshot
  • Take a Photo of the document you'd like to scan.
    • Adjust scan area: Tap Crop
    • Take photo again: Tap Re-Scan current page
    • Scan another page: Tap Add
    button description
  • To save the finished document, tap Done
  • After the documents are saved, please proceed to the document upload portal in CheckMarq to complete your document submission.


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