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MCAN: A 4-digit number that protects student privacy.

In order to comply with Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act regulations, students must be able to verify their identity when calling or visiting Marquette Central for assistance. Students visiting Marquette Central only need to provide a photo ID. However, students calling for information will need their MUID number and a four-digit number referred to as a Marquette Central Access Number, available in their CheckMarq account.

Viewing and Changing the MCAN on CheckMarq Picture of arrowClick arrow to play a tutorial on how to access the MCAN
The MCAN can be accessed under the "MCAN" Quick Link tab after logging in to the student access to Checkmarq. It can also be found in the Student Center within CheckMarq. After entering the Student Center, scroll down to the personal information area and click on the drop down menu. Click on Marquette Central Access Number to review and accept the MCAN terms and conditions. The four-digit number will then be provided to you. The MCAN is initially assigned randomly, but students can change it via CheckMarq at any time.

Guest access to your student information
Students may still grant online access to their financial and academic records to parents or others using the guest access procedures outlined in CheckMarq. This enables parents or others to access information online 24/7.

If parents or others want to talk with somebody at Marquette Central by phone about student financial and enrollment information, they must provide the MCAN and MUID numbers for verification. This information includes tuition, fees, financial aid and academic records, with the exception of the schedule of classes or any activity related to grades.

Students should be careful about whom they disclose their MCAN and/or MUID numbers to because personal information about their finances and academic records should be guarded.

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Call us at (414) 288-4000* or send us your questions. Our professional staff is available to answer Bursar, Financial Aid, Registrar and Student Employment questions from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday.

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Fax numbers

Financial Aid forms: (414) 288-1718
Registrar forms: (414) 288-3242
Other: (414) 288-4080

*Students calling for information will need their MUID and MCAN numbers. More about the MCAN.