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Academic Advisement offers various reports in PDF format. We recommend you download the latest version of Adobe Reader to use these reports. You may encounter error messages when using these reports with older versions of Adobe Reader.

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Undergraduate Advising On-line Report

This report includes the most detail about a student’s academic degree requirements. The report allows a student to see how completed courses (Marquette University or transfer), in-progress courses and any test credit received, applies towards degree requirements. In addition, students can click on courses to see more detail view prerequisite and course description information.

Degree Progress Report

This is a printable, PDF report that consists of 4 main sections:

  • Graduation Requirements: Verifies completion status of GPA, degree credit, upper division and senior residency requirements.
  • UCCS core, College curriculum and Majors/Minors: summary of requirements indicating a status of Satisfied or Not Satisfied. College-approved exceptions to requirements are identified.
  • Course History: Chronological listing of courses taken at MU or transferred, Repeat or Honors Credit codes, and mid-term grades for the term in progress.
  • Requirements – Not Satisfied: Lists specific of all requirements that need to be completed. College-approved exceptions to requirements are identified.

Graduation Checklist Report

This is a shorter printable, PDF report that consists all of the sections above, except the Requirements – Not satisfied section.

What-if Report

This on-line report is produced as part of the What-if component in Academic Advisement. Students have the option of creating new college/major/minor or course scenarios. The report will analyze how courses that have been completed or are currently in progress will satisfy the new What-if scenario.

My Planner Report

This on-line report analyzes how courses that are in your planner combined with courses that have been completed, or are in progress will fulfill degree requirements.

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