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If a class is full, wait listing allows you to add your name to an electronic wait list and potentially be added to the class, but only if space becomes available, and you meet all the course requirements. Wait listing does not mean enrollment in a course and is not a guarantee of enrollment in a course. The option to add your name to a wait list will begin on the first day of enrollment. See the Academic Calendar for the deadline to add yourself to a wait list.

When you are on a wait list, it is up to you to monitor your enrollment. If you no longer want the wait listed class you are responsible for dropping off the wait list. When you are added to a class from the wait list and decide you no longer want the class, the normal add, drop, swap process applies. It is recommended that you drop yourself from any wait list once you have set your final schedule.

Note: the wait list option is not available for Marquette Core Curriculum Foundation and ESSV1 courses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add myself to a waitlist?

You will select the course that you would like to register for as you normally do under the Enroll function on Checkmarq. (You will know that the course has a wait list by the yellow triangle that will be under the "Status" heading.) After selecting the course, you will see that the "Wait List" box is automatically checked. After adding the class to your shopping cart, you will select to "Finish Enrolling". You will then see the result message that you have been added to the wait list, and it will state what your position on the list is.

What is the Swap option? Why should I use it when adding myself to a waitlist?

Swap allows you to remain in one class while wait listed in a second class. If you are enrolled from the wait list, the original class will be dropped. Swap should be used in the following scenarios:

  • If you are already enrolled in another section of the same class for which you wish to waitlist;
  • If you have a time conflict between an enrolled section and the class section for which you want to waitlist;
  • If you are already enrolled in the maximum number of credit hours for a term and want to still get on a waitlist

How do I use the Swap option to add myself to a waitlist?

After selecting the Swap option:

  • Select the course you are currently registered for that you want to swap out
  • Search for the wait listed course that you would like to add and select
  • Review and confirm the courses that you would like to swap, then select "Finish Swapping"

You will receive confirmation that you are on the wait list for the swapped course

How will I be notified if I am taken off the wait list and added to a class?

You will receive an email notification to let you know that you have been enrolled in the class that you were on the waitlist for.

What is the deadline for adding myself to a wait list?

The deadline to add/drop for session 1 in fall and spring . Refer to the Academic Calendar.

Where can I find my wait list position?

You can see your wait list position by viewing your course schedule for the term. The wait list number will be listed both on the class list as well as on the calendar view of your schedule.

Can I take myself off a waitlist?

Yes. Students can drop a wait listed course the same way that they drop a regular course in Checkmarq.

Will I need a permission number to add myself to a wait list?

There may be instances where you will need to receive a permission number before you will be able to add yourself to a wait list. These instances include, but are not limited to, not meeting the required prerequisites, or if instructor consent is required. Students will receive a permission number from the department that is offering the class.

I can't add myself to a wait list because I will be over the credit limit. What should I do?

You will need to submit a Credit Overload request form to your college office.

How will my billing be affected by registering for a wait list?

Courses with a status of “Waiting” will not be billed and are not counted toward your enrollment until you become officially enrolled in the course. If you are registered full-time without the wait listed course(s) included, you will be billed as normal as a full-time student. If you are not at full-time status with the courses you are actually enrolled in, you will be billed at the per credit hour rate.

How is my financial aid affected by being on a wait list?

Some undergraduate financial aid awards require full-time enrollment and will not appear on the student account or bill until you are enrolled full-time.













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