What Student Employees Must Know

  1. All new student employees must complete an I-9 form with the Office of Student Employment on their first day of employment. Students who do not complete an I-9 form are not authorized to work on campus and may not start work. International students must receive authorization from the Office of International Education before completing the I-9 form with the Office of Student Employment.
  2. International Students will also need to apply for a social security number (check with the Office of International Education for details). However, international students may begin work prior to obtaining their SSN card. Once they receive their SSN card they should bring it in to the Office of Student Employment so their record may be updated.
  3. In addition to the I-9 form, new student employees must also complete the OSHA and W-4 forms.  They will also be instructed on how to sign up online for Direct Deposit. The I-9, W-4, and OSHA forms must be completed at the Office of Student Employment on the first day of employment. Student Employment forms can be found here.
    NOTE: The default for the W4 form is SINGLE/ZERO. If you will be claiming single/zero you will not need to complete the W4 form. Complete the W4 form only if you are claiming something other than single/zero.
  4. In order for the student to be paid, employers must enter the hire/placement into JobConnection and the student’s timesheets must be approved via the EmpCenter Timekeeping system by the appropriate deadline dates.
  5. Work study students must be enrolled full time and regular student employees can work if enrolled in only one class (3 credits)
  6. Work-study students may continue employment after exhausting their work-study amount provided the employer is willing to pay 100 percent of the student's earnings. These additional earnings will not jeopardize the student's current financial aid.
  7. It is Marquette’s position that student employees work no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year. During academic breaks (i.e. Christmas, Easter, Summer) student employees may work up to 37.5 hours (full-time). Student Employees are not allowed to work overtime.
  8. All students are encouraged to sign up for Direct Deposit. This can be done online at CheckMarq. Checks for students who do not sign up for Direct Deposit must be picked up in Marquette Central, Zilber Hall, Room 121
  9. If a student has more than one job, all wages will be included in one paycheck.  Student wages are not applied to the student’s Bursar bill. All wages earned are paid to the student in a biweekly check.