Orthodontics Master's Program

Program Description

The Orthodontics master's program is a 26.5-month program. Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours of course work, including appropriate credit hours in clinical practice per academic year and six credit hours of thesis work. The remaining credits are divided among courses specific to the specialty discipline and elective courses.

Satisfactory completion of the didactic and clinical components of the program results in specialty certification through the Marquette University Graduate School.

Satisfactory completion of the research component of the programs results in a master’s degree through the Marquette University Graduate School.

Visit the department web page for more detailed program information.

Requirements and course work can be found on the Graduate School bulletin.

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Application Deadline

September 1 for Orthodontics program starting in June of the following year.

Application Requirements

Read all application instructions prior to beginning an application.

  • Official transcripts from all current and previous colleges/universities except Marquette. International applicants must have course grades converted to numerical values of 4.000, 3.000, 2.000, and 1.000 or to corresponding letter grades of A, B, C, and D, respectively. Where such a conversion is not possible, an explanation of the grading system used in the foreign dental school and undergraduate institution should accompany the official English translation of the grade transcripts.
  • Undergraduate and dental school grade-point averages, and class rank in dental school. If class rank is not listed on the official transcript, a dean's letter may be submitted to gradadmit@marquette.edu or as an additional reference through the online application.
  • Three letters of recommendation reflecting the applicant’s clinical and academic abilities.
  • Scores from the National Board Dental Examinations, Part I and Part II. Not required from graduates of non-U.S./non-Canadian dental schools. Official scores should be sent to gradadmit@marquette.edu.
  • A curriculum vitae and a personal statement.
  • GRE scores (General Test only)
  • Registration with National Matching Service. The Orthodontics program is part of the Postdoctoral Dental Matching Program. Details of this program can be obtained through the Orthodontics Department.
  • For international applicants only: a TOEFL score or other acceptable proof of English proficiency.

Private scholarships may be available. U.S. citizens and permanent residents may be eligible to apply for need-based federal aid (loans) to help fund their educational expenses.

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Graduate Program Recruiter

Lizzie Kerrick

phone: (414) 288-4792

email: elizabeth.kerrick@marquette.edu