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SPECIAL NOTE:  Please be aware of the following changes to transcript order processing that are in place until further notice.  Due to campus closures related to COVID-19, in-person requests, pick-up orders, or mail orders for transcripts are not being processed.  You must submit an online request for PDF electronic delivery for your transcript order to be processed.

Current and former students can request transcripts online via the National Student Clearinghouse. Payment is accepted by credit card.

There are several request options:
>Paper mailed: Marquette uses U.S. mail and Federal Express (FEDEX) to receive and send transcripts.
>Paper held: pick-up at Marquette Central.
>eTranscript: available to the recipient for 30 days. e-Transcripts that are downloaded and saved have no expiration date.

Transcripts that are held for pickup at Marquette Central must be claimed within 1 month of request. Transcripts not claimed within 1 month will be destroyed and a new request must be submitted.

Marquette also accepts eTranscripts via a secure 3rd party method that has been verified by the sending university but does not accept or send transcripts via e-mail or facsimile.

  • Alumni and former students can request transcripts by visiting the National Student Clearinghouse's website. Click here for details.

  • Alumni and former students who attended Marquette University prior to fall 1985 can request transcripts by visiting the National Student Clearinghouse but the eTranscript service is unavailable.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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