Assurance of Learning

The College of Business Administration at Marquette University strives to educate students not only to become responsible leaders in the business world but in service to all others in society. To fulfill this objective all stakeholders of the College of Business Administration are committed to the ongoing process of assurance of student learning and improvement. See an overview of assessment at Marquette University.

The mission of the College of Business Administration is to develop ethical and socially responsible global leaders. With a focus on applied learning, our goal is for our students, with the instruction and support from our teachers, business partners and alumni, to be able to compete and thrive in today’s complex and dynamic business environment as well as throughout all aspects society. As one of many methods of assuring that the goals of our educational mission are successfully met, the college regularly and systematically engages in the assessment of a variety of competencies.

Students in the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program are assessed on their ability to reason ethically, communicate effectively, analyze critically, and understand local, national and global business and cultural issues. Assessment takes place each semester in the undergraduate core courses and as part of all undergraduate majors using quantifiable measures to gather and analyze information to help continuously improve the educational process.

Learn more about program learning goals that are part of the assurance of learning process in the College of Business Administration.