AIM - Accelerating Ingenuity in Markets

The future of applied valuation, investing, and financial technology at Marquette University

AIM lab

AIM (Accelerating Ingenuity in Markets) at Marquette uses customized learning experiences to prepare ambitious, academically accomplished students for competitive finance and technical careers. AIM students engage in hands-on assignments that simulate Wall Street jobs and those in the rapidly changing fintech space. Our faculty combines deep industry experience and doctorate level training to deliver a rigorous curriculum using cutting edge financial technology and real-world experiences like pitching stocks and managing a portion of Marquette’s endowment fund.


Jay SchwisterAIM students today enter the competitive recruitment process with a distinct advantage – deep knowledge of markets and industry, technical training, and real-world experience that allow them to add immediate value to employers while successfully pursuing the CFA designation. Under the leadership of Dr. Joe Wall and Dr. Jim Valentine, AIM is on a trajectory to becoming a Top 10 recruitment destination for the most prestigious firms across the globe.”

-Jay Schwister, CFA
 Bus Ad '84
 Co-chair, AIM Advisory Council
 Managing Director & Research Director/Senior Portfolio Manager
 Baird Advisors