Finance Major

Millions of Americans invest in mutual funds and individual stocks — millions more count on the dividends of retirement plans. Corporations raise and invest billions of dollars of capital annually. At the heart of it all are financial professionals, who analyze and maximize the value of investments for individual families as well as multinational firms.

Do finance.

Marquette’s finance undergraduate major is ranked as one of the best in the nation according to U.S. News and World Report. Marquette finance is home to three marquee programs:

  1. The renowned Accelerating Ingenuity in Markets (AIM) program
  2. One of the only two undergraduate programs in commercial banking
  3. Earn a MS in Finance degree with one extra year via our accelerated degree program

Our specialized programs allow a select group of finance majors to get hands-on academic and professional experience in investing and credit analysis, including actively managing equity and credit portfolios.


The great majority of finance majors complete at  least one paid internship before graduation.

Location, location, location.

Milwaukee is home to more than a dozen investment firms, each with more than $1 billion in managed assets, plus dozens of banks, insurers and corporate headquarters, making it a great place to be a finance major.

Learn from the experts.

Your finance major classes will be taught only by pros — professors with significant expertise in and connections to the financial world.

  • Learning Outcomes

As one of many methods of assuring that the goals of our educational mission are successfully met, the college regularly and systematically engages in the assessment of a variety of competencies. As part of this assurance of learning, each program defines and collects data on learning goals; statements of the knowledge, skills and attitudes that we want our graduates to possess. We use them for continuous improvement and they are the criteria on which organizations such as AACSB evaluate our accreditation. The following is the current Learning Goal for the Finance Major along with the goals for the Undergraduate Business Core.

Perform an applied financial analysis in a business situation

Below are the specific learning outcomes assessed to help determine if students meet the above outcome.

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the concept of time value of money
  • Apply principles of capital budgeting
  • Explain the determinants of a firm’s capital structure
  • Explain various risk measures and models of the relation between risk and return 
  • Explain the concept of market efficiency and its implications for securities’ returns
  • Apply the principles of portfolio theory

Undergraduate Business Core Learning Goals

  1. Apply effective written and oral communication skills to business situations.
  2. Analyze the global business environment.
  3. Analyze the local business environment.
  4. Use critical thinking skills in business situations.
  5. Apply an ethical understanding and perspective to business situations.