Center for Supply Chain Management

Transforming supply chains for a better world - with Marquette supply chain talent

The Center for Supply Chain Management at Marquette University is a national leader in the development of supply chain talent. Through collaboration and engagement with global and local companies, expert educators, and a strong network of alumni, we strive towards excellence in delivering value and impact to the supply chain community.

Grounded in applied learning and ethical decision making, combined with a market and research-driven curriculum, Marquette University supply chain programs rank among the best in the nation. Our undergraduate supply chain program is ranked #19 by Gartner (2022) and #18 by U.S. News and World Report (2023) and graduate #17 by Gartner (2022).

US News 16th ranked undergraduate supply chain program

“Universities abound with ‘Centers’ that focus only on "theory." Marquette University’s Center for Supply Chain Management has distinguished itself through its focus on undergraduate students; its alignment with industry partners interested in regionally sourced talent; and, its industry-driven pursuit of applied learning. The program’s record of internships, placement, applied courses, and Top-20 rankings demonstrates the success of this focus.

Milwaukee, and the greater region, are a wonderful locus of leading manufacturers and distributors. The center has become a resource for talent and learning – undergraduate, alumni, and life-long learners – in the Great Lakes area. People should check it out."

-Mark Cotteleer, Research Director, Deloitte Services, LP