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Academic Advising in the College

Academic Advising Appointment Details: Students must schedule and attend one 20-minute appointment with their assigned college academic advisor during the official Advising period each fall and spring semester. Appointments are not required during a student's final semester at Marquette University. Overview of Academic Advising video

Student Expectations for Academic Advising:

  • Review communications around academic advising and act accordingly for calendar and planning.
  • Schedule meeting with your academic advisor during the designated time frame each semester when prompted.
  • Prepare in advance of appointment by completing the PREP Module and saving the responses and printing your Graduation Checklist. Consider any other questions you may want to discuss with your advisor and bring your PREP Module and Graduation Checklist to your advising appointment.
  • Evaluate your experience after your appointment through a required feedback survey.

How to identify your advisor? 

PREP (Prepare and Review your Educational Plan) Module Complete in advance of an academic advising appointment each semester. Students must complete this module, and share it's results along with a graduation checklist with their business academic advisor.

How to find and understand your graduation checklist:

Students who do not complete the PREP Module, meet with their academic advisor during the designated timeframe, and complete the required feedback survey will have an academic hold added to their account that will prevent registration of future courses until the final day of assigned registration times.