Major in AIM

Elevate your Marquette experience. Chart your successful future.

Are you a high-performing student with a demonstrated aptitude for and interest in finance, disruptive technologies, building wealth for the greater good, and innovating for the future? If so, AIM is for you.

As a secondary business major that offers a CFA (Certified Financial Analyst) and Investments Concentration or a Fintech Concentration, AIM is a nation leading undergraduate program defined by rigorous curriculum, applied learning, competitive career placements, and top starting salaries.

Students graduate from AIM technically trained, ethically grounded, and ready to deliver on day one of employment.


The CFA and Investments Concentration requires a primary finance major. The Fintech Concentration in Applied Disruptive Technologies upskills any primary major in the College of Business, including accounting, marketing, information systems, economics, real estate, supply chain management, finance, human resources.

Internship: all AIM students are required to complete at least one internship during their course of student. Students must officially apply for Internship for Credit through the Business Career Center; Internship for Credit approval is granted by AIM's executive director.

Community Service: 10 hours per semester; opportunities available through AIM or arranged on your own; validation by service site required.

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