Tuition Remission

Marquette University grants its employees certain tuition benefits as part of the university's overall compensation program. These tuition benefits are intended to foster, promote, and stress the value of higher education and personal/professional growth and development. By making available a Marquette education to employees, spouses, and dependent children, Marquette seeks to promote and uphold the mission of the university. For additional information on this benefit, refer to University Policies and Procedures UPP 4-09.

If you have questions regarding the Tuition Benefit Program for Dependents, please contact Marquette Central.

Employee Forms

If you are expecting employee remission and it has not been applied to your account, please e-mail Note: Temporary and contracted full-time employees seeking employee remission must contact Human Resources at (414) 288-7305 for review.  Fully online programs are not eligible for the tuition remission benefit.

Tuition Remission Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What happens if I am no longer employed at Marquette, but I have received tuition remission for the term?

If your employment with Marquette terminates during a term in which you received remission, you may be responsible for paying a portion of the tuition. Please e-mail if you are thinking of leaving Marquette while receiving tuition remission.

I am a Marquette Employee. Why hasn’t my tuition remission posted for this term?

Part-time employees and faculty members must complete the tuition remission form each academic year. Please note that part-time faculty members must have an Academic Year contract in order to qualify for tuition remission benefits.

Spouses of full-time employees or faculty members must complete the tuition remission form prior to remission posting to your bursar account. It only needs to be completed once in order for the remission to post each term.

If you are a Non-Employee (retiree, ROTC personnel, etc.), you must complete the tuition remission form prior to remission posting to your bursar account. It only needs to be completed once in order for the remission to post each term.

If you are a Full Time employee and your remission hasn’t posted, please e-mail  Fully online programs are not eligible for tuition remission benefits.

Does tuition remission count as taxable income?

Tuition remission received for undergraduate courses is generally not taxable. Remission received for graduate courses can be taxable. For dependents and spouses, 100% of graduate level tuition remission is counted as taxable income for the MU employee associated with the person receiving remission. For graduate level remission received for classes that a Marquette employee takes, the first $5,250 in the given calendar year is not taxed, but any remission above that $5,250 will be counted as taxable income.

The taxable portion will be deducted from the employee’s paycheck. The amount can be quite significant. Payroll can accommodate dividing the taxes over several paychecks, but you must self-identify. Please contact Payroll each term or as early as possible in the calendar year to have taxes deducted over several paychecks within the same tax year.

I am a graduate student taking an undergraduate course. Is the tuition remission taxable?

Tax treatment of remission will be based upon the Academic Program – not the course number. Some courses are eligible for either graduate or undergraduate credit. A graduate student who does not wish to receive graduate credit for an undergraduate course must apply to the Graduate School for permission to take it for undergraduate credit. The Graduate School then notifies the Payroll Manager in writing so that the student is not taxed on that particular course. Please see the document titled “Tuition Remission” on Payroll’s website for additional tax information.


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