Student Chosen (Preferred) Name Policy

Marquette University recognizes that students may choose to identify themselves within the university community with a name that differs from their legally recognized name.  The goal of the Student Chosen Name policy at Marquette is to provide a consistent chosen name experience for students across campus systems and use of one’s chosen name wherever legal name is not necessary.

The following stipulations apply to the use of a chosen name at Marquette University:

  • Chosen names may not contain inappropriate or offensive language.
  • Chosen names may not be used for misrepresentation or any fraudulent purpose.
  • Chosen names must include alphabetical (A-Z) characters in the first and last name fields due to requirements across campus systems that utilize name information. Additional characters, such as hyphens and spaces, are allowable in conjunction with alphabetical characters but may need to be modified or removed to accommodate technical needs in certain campus systems.

If the University determines that a student is using a chosen name in violation of this policy, the University will alert the student and, as necessary, use the student’s legal name in place of the chosen name. 

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