How Do I View Grades, Appeal Grades, Remove an Incomplete Grade or Select the Spring 2020 Pass/Not Pass Grading Option?

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View grades

Current undergraduate students can view your midterm grades and final grades via CheckMarq.  Grades are posted online the week after the exam period. The Office of the Registrar does not mail grade reports to parents or students.

Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Grades and Transcripts tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2: View Grades link

In the left navigation menu, select View Grades.  Select the appropriate term and click or tap Continue.

The View Grades page appears.  Official grades and term statistics will be displayed.  Click or tap the Term GPA or Cumulative GPA rows for more details.

If midterm grades are available, they will be displayed in the far right column.


Appeal a grade

Remove an incomplete grade

Incomplete grades for all of the colleges and schools must be cleared with the college/school offering the course by the date noted on the Academic Calendar.  Incomplete coursework/exam must be completed by this date in order to give faculty time to review and grade the incomplete work.  Failure to follow the deadline results in a grade of F in the class.  This is a permanent grade that cannot be changed. 

For further information on Incomplete grades, see the Grading System sections of the bulletin.


Spring Term 2020 Pass/Not Pass Grading Options

Recognizing the extraordinary impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the lives of students, faulty and staff, an alternative grading policy has been enacted for spring 2020 allowing students to choose class-by-class to have their earned letter grade recorded or have it replaced by a Pass/Low Pass/Not Pass (P/LP/NP) grade for undergraduates, or High Pass/Pass/Not Pass (HP/P/NP) for students in the Graduate School.  The policy is outlined in the Undergraduate Bulletin and the Graduate Bulletin

See also:  Alternative Undergraduate Grading Policy for Spring 2020 Only.

  • When do I choose whether to keep my recorded grade or have it replaced with a P/LP/NP
    After faculty file grades for the semester using the standard letter grade scale (current deadline is May 12), you will have until May 26 to choose whether to keep the grade you earned or change it.  After May 26, your grading choice will be considered final.

    You will not able to make a change to P/LP/NP until May 12 after grades are posted. If you receive a final letter grade of F, you will NOT be required to switch the grade to NP. By default, the letter grade of F will be converted to NP. If you receive a letter grade of F as part of an academic integrity sanction, the grade cannot be converted to NP.

  • How do I change a grade  to Pass/Not Pass?
    If you would like to change an eligible grade to Pass/Not Pass, you must do so in CheckMarq by May 26.

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Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Grades and Transcripts tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2: View Grades, 2020 Spring Term

Select View Grades from the left navigation menu.  Then click or tap the 2020 Spring Term row.


Step 3: Change to Pass/Not Pass any time between May 12 and May 26

All of your 2020 spring classes will appear, with grades listed in the Grade column.  For any class that is eligible for the Pass/Not Pass option, a Change to Pass/Not Pass button will appear on the far-right.  Click or tap this button to change the grade to a Pass/Not Pass grade.


Step 4: Review your GPA

After you elect Pass/Not Pass, the grade will change to P/NP/LP (undergraduates), or HP/P/LP (graduate school students), and it will no longer be included in your grade point average.  Look at your term and cumulative GPAs at the top of the screen to see how they have changed.  

Step 5: Change back to Graded any time before May 26

If you want to switch back to your original letter grade, click or tap the Change to Grade button.  Your regular letter grade will reappear and your GPA will be recalculated to reflect the change.



  • What if my final letter grade is not entered on May 12?
    If you receive a final letter grade after May 12, you will have a two-week window after your final grade is posted to elect the Pass/Not Pass option. After May 26, you will need to submit a Pass/Not Pass Grading Option - Spring 2020 ONLY form to elect the Pass/Not Pass option. You should receive an email with a link to this form when your final grade is posted. Contact Marquette Central if you are still within your two-week window and you need a new link to the PDF form.