When Can I Register?

Marquette University offers course registration in spring, summer and fall terms.  For fall and spring terms, your specific appointment date and time for online registration will be listed in CheckMarq.

How do I view my appointment for online registration?

Also, be sure to check in advance for any holds that could delay your registration.

You are encouraged to register online at your appointment time and not to delay beyond that time.  Accurate enrollments will enable the departments to make careful adjustments to the Schedule of Classes to the advantage of students.

Use the academic calendar to track enrollment deadlines

Summer Registration

Registration for summer term does not use appointment times.  All eligible students can register via CheckMarq as soon as summer registration begins.  For more information, visit the Summer Studies website.

Early Registration and Open Registration

You'll see two phases of registration mentioned in academic calendars.

  • Early registration offers the first opportunity for continuing students to register for classes and runs for approximately three weeks.
  • Open registration begins just as early registration ends.  All the appointment start times in CheckMarq for continuing students have passed, but continuing students may still adjust their schedules (e.g. swap one course for another) during this period.

The last day of open registration depends on the class session.  For Session 1 courses, open registration typically ends seven days after the first day of class.

Important:  After the last day of open registration, you may not add, drop or change your courses via CheckMarq.  All courses on your schedule become part of your permanent record and are subject to tuition payment even if you did not attend the classes.

Withdrawal from courses

After the end of open registration, you must request in writing to withdraw from a course.  The course remains in your permanent record with a W letter grade.