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The registration process will be easier if you know the courses for which you would like to register in advance. The Snapshot of the Schedule of Classes can help you plan your schedule.


Noting the Class Number listed in the Snapshot will help you quickly register for your classes in CheckMarq.

Remember that the Snapshot is updated nightly. Although the Snapshot indicates Open or Closed status, that may have changed since the Snapshot was last updated. You may want to note several alternative choices when planning your schedule.

Step 1: Access the Student Center via CheckMarq

Click here for details on how to access the Student Center.

Once your appointment time occurs, click the "Enroll" link in the Academics section of the Student Center. (It is not possible for you to register via CheckMarq before your assigned time.)


Step 2: Select Term and Click Continue

On the next page, select the term for which you are registering and click Continue.

If you receive the error message, "Not Eligible to Enroll for Term," make sure you are clicking on the correct term for registration and that no holds exist.

Step 3: Add Classes Page

The "Add Classes" page appears. On this page you can add classes to your "Shopping Cart." Classes must be added to your Shopping Cart before you can enroll in them.

Add Classes

There are three ways to add a class to your Shopping Cart:

  • You can search for class sections with the Class Search tool. (See Step 4 for additional details.)
  • You can search for class sections for any course you have saved to your Planner. (See Step 7 for additional details.)

Step 4: Find Class Sections Using the Class Search Tool

If you chose to use the Class Search tool in Step 3, you will be taken to the Enter Search Criteria page.

Class Search

Select the Course Subject in the first dropdown menu. You can also specify a Course Number, Course Career, and filter out closed classes.

By clicking the Additional Search Criteria link, you can search by more advanced criteria, such as days and times, instructor name, and session.

After you have entered search criteria, click the Search button.

If your search will return more than 50 entries, a message will appear. You may continue by clicking the OK button. You can also return to the search page by clicking Cancel.

Step 5: Class Search Results

The Search Results page appears.

Class Search Results

The search results are divided by course. You can collapse or expand the list of a course's sections by clicking the green triangle.

Up to the first ten sections of a course are displayed under each course. You can view more by clicking the View All Sections link.

Additional details for each section, such as meeting information, prerequisites, and enrollment capacity, can be viewed by clicking the section number.

Open classes are noted with a green circle. Closed classes are noted with a blue square.

When you have found your preferred class section, click the Select Class button. You will be taken to the Enrollment Preferences page.

Step 6: Additional Components and Enrollment Preferences

If the class you selected requires you to enroll in additional components, such as a Lab, Quiz, or Discussion section, you will be taken to the Enrollment Section page.

Enrollment Section

Select your desired section and click the Next button. You will be taken to the Enrollment Preferences page.

Permission Number

If a Permission Number is required to enroll in your chosen class section, it must be entered on this page.

If you are enrolling in a variable unit class, you must specify the units on this page.

After entering any required information, click the Next button to add the class to your Shopping Cart. (If all of your desired classes are now in your Shopping Cart, you may skip to Step 9.)

Step 7: Find Class Sections Using the Planner

If you chose to find classes via your Planner in Step 3, you will be taken to the Search from My Planner page.

Search from Planner

On this page you will see a list of classes stored in your Planner. A green Select button will be found beside any class with sections offered in the term. Click one of those buttons to proceed to the Course Detail page.

On the Course Detail page, you will be given a list of class sections. Click the Select button for the section of your choice.

After selecting a class, you might need to enroll in additional components or enter enrollment preferences, as described in Step 6 above. When you have proceeded through those pages, the class section will be placed in your Shopping Cart.

Step 8: Confirm Classes

After you have a class or classes in your Shopping Cart, click the Proceed to Step 2 of 3 button. You will be taken to the Confirm Classes page.

Confirm Classes

On this page you may review the classes in your Shopping Cart to confirm that you have found the correct class sections.

Step 9: Finish Enrolling

Click the Finish Enrolling button to finish the enrollment process. You will be taken to the View Results page.

View Results

If you were successfully enrolled in a class, you will see a green check mark.

If you were not enrolled in a class, you will see a red error mark. Read the error message to determine why you were not enrolled. You might need to obtain a Permission Number or find another class section.

Step 10: Repeat Steps 4 to 9 to Add More Classes

To enroll in more classes, click the Add Another Class button. Repeat steps 4 to 9 until you have enrolled in all of your classes for the term.

Step 11: View Schedule

As a final check, click the My Class Schedule button on the View Results page to ensure you have successfully registered for all your classes.

Class Schedule



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