You can view your class schedule and list your text books via CheckMarq.


Step 1: Log in to CheckMarq and click or tap the Manage Classes tile.

Follow this link for details on how to navigate in the CheckMarq Student Home (formerly known as Student Center).


Step 2: My Classes, View My Classes link

Under the My Classes menu in the left navigation bar, click or tap View My Classes and select the appropriate term. Your class schedule will appear.

Use the filters toward the top of the screen to show or hide enrolled and wait listed classes.  

Click on a specific class section to view more details about it, such as meeting information, instructors, instruction mode, and class attributes.

Click the Printable Page button or print or save your schedule as a PDF.

Click the Enrollment Deadlines link to view the class session add/drop/swap and withdrawal dates.

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How do I list and order my textbooks?

To see your textbooks for classes in your schedule, click on the View Textbooks link toward the top of the View My Classes page. Learn more about textbook ordering at the Book Marq bookstore.

Weekly Calendar View

To view your schedule in a weekly calendar format, under the My Classes menu in the left navigation bar, click or tap View My Classes.

A page displaying your weekly class schedule for the current term appears.  Any classes for which day/time information is not available will be displayed in a list at the bottom of the page. 

If you have classes later than 6 p.m., adjust the End Time filed and click the Refresh Calendar button.

To show or hide instructor, class titles, days of the week, or change the time format, expand the Display Options section, adjust your settings, and click the Refresh Calendar button.


Campus map for class locations

How do I identify how classes are taught?

Follow this link for more information about how your classes are being taught.