Marquette Business Alumni Association (MBAA)

Active members of the Marquette Business Alumni Association (MBAA) span the globe and count Fortune 500 executives, top entrepreneurs and everything in between as members. It is a powerful network that is continually strengthened by your involvement.

The Marquette Business Alumni Association endeavors to forward the mission of Marquette University and its College of Business Administration through fundraising and by increasing alumni, community, business leader, and student engagement with the College. MBAA raises funds to support College scholarships and key strategic initiatives as identified by the College Dean or other College or University leadership. MBAA seeks to promote ongoing and substantive dialogue and partnership among these stakeholders and key College decision-makers as to all aspects of the academic and spiritual development of the College's students, and to foster the ethical growth of the Milwaukee metropolitan economy and beyond, including vigilant attention to economic justice for all people.

Board Membership & Recruitment

Board membership is open to all MBAA members. Nominations for the board may come from any MBAA member. Board Directors are elected by a majority of the board. To express interest in board membership, please contact the MBAA.

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MBAA Contacts

Dan DeWeerdt

Engagement Director
Marquette University

Phone: (414) 288-4740

MBAA Board of Directors

David Muchow, Grad '09

Maggie Daun, Bus Ad '99, Grad '00

Ryan Taylor, Bus Ad '00, Grad '01

Steve Szymanski, Bus Ad '93, Grad '96, Law '96

Kelly Candotti, Bus Ad '08

Vito Taphorn, Bus Ad '98


Phillip Bush, Eng ’03, Grad ’14
Robert Calice, Bus Ad ‘07
Kathie Campbell, Bus Ad & Grad '94 & '03
Kelly Candotti, Bus Ad '08
John Chidester, Bus Ad '10
Allison Curtin, Bus Ad ‘06
Maggie Daun, Bus Ad & Grad '99, '00
David Drzadinski, Bus Ad '93, Grad '99
Ian Gonzalez, Bus Ad '02
Steven Laabs, Bus Ad & Law, ’05 & ‘08
Joey Lehmann, Bus Ad '08
Nathan Matson, Bus Ad & Grad, ’03 & ‘05
Rachel McQuillan, Bus Ad '05
Anne Mongoven, Bus Ad ‘10
David Muchow, Grad '09
Adam Nelson, Bus Ad '10
Thomas Piwaron, Grad ’18
Cassandra Polansky, Bus Ad & Grad, ’06 & ‘08
David Rothermel, Grad '07
Mark Sailer, Bus Ad '03
Anni Schleicher, Bus Ad '04
Joyce Szulc, Grad '91
Steve Szymanski, Bus Ad, Grad & Law '93, '96 & '96
Vito Taphorn, Bus Ad '98
Ryan Taylor, Bus Ad & Grad '99 & '01