Job Search Strategies

There are three main strategies one should employ when conducting a thorough job or internship search: respond to postings, target employers and network.


Responding to postings for advertised opportunities is the first job search strategy. Viewing postings is a great way to determine what type of position you're looking for. The top sites for finding postings are:


Targeting is the second job search strategy, in which you proactively identify employers of interest. The following are resources for targeting employers:

Think about which companies in the U.S. may be more supportive of international job seekers. Foreign companies operating in the U.S. and American companies operating in your home country may need to hire international students due to language and intercultural competencies. Also take into consideration where you would like to be located (rural v. urban areas), the culture of the company, company size or other important factors. It can be helpful to create criteria for targeting first and then rank companies based on that developed set of criteria. Create a target list of employers based on your search(es).


Networking is the third job search strategy. As an international student who may have fewer contacts in the U.S., it is important to build and maintain networks who can support your job search. The following are resources for networking:

  • Handshake: Campus events, guest speakers, lobby tables, etc. 
  • Marquette University Alumni Association
  • LinkedIn

See the BCC's networking page for further tips on how to effectively network.