Federal Pell Grant

Eligibility criteria

  1. Undergraduate
  2. Must not possess a bachelor's degree
  3. Demonstrate financial need according to Pell Grant guidelines
  4. Must be making satisfactory progress

Federal regulations require that institutions enforce a Pell census date. At Marquette, the Pell census date is the close of late registration each term. A Pell grant recipient’s final Pell grant is based on his/her enrollment status (e.g., full-time, three-quarter time, half-time). As a result, if a student is not registered as a full-time student by the end of late registration, he or she will receive less than the full-time grant. If, however, the college or student adds a class after the close of late registration and the student reaches full-time status, the student’s Pell grant cannot and will not be adjusted to reflect the change in enrollment. As a result, it is imperative that a student be registered for ALL classes/clinical/internships, etc., by the end of late registration so he/she receives the maximum grant available.

Disbursements of Title IV Funds for Required Course Materials and Educational Supplies

All students offered Title IV funds in excess of school charges are eligible for a refund. The refund should be made by the seventh day of class to obtain required course materials and educational supplies. Marquette University meets this requirement by refunding the student his or her Title IV credit balance by the seventh day of class.

If a student has not yet established eligibility to receive Title IV funds at least 10 days before the beginning of a payment period because of outstanding verification requirements or unresolved conflicting information, this requirement does not apply.

Amounts and selection process

For the 2022-23 academic year, grants range from $692-$6,895. For the 2023-24 academic year, grants range from $745-$7395. The federal government funds the program, selects eligible students and determines the amount of each student's grant.

Application process

File the Free Application for Federal Student Aid.

Renewal process

Grants are renewed only if all necessary forms are filed each year and students continue to meet eligibility criteria. First-time Pell Grant recipients may receive Pell Grant (for up to or no more than) 12 semesters.