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Are You Dropping or Withdrawing from Classes?

First, it's important to understand the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class.
  • Drop a class: To unenroll from a class before the end of late registration. This can be done via CheckMarq. This action completely removes the class from the academic record as if it never existed.
  • Withdraw from a class: To unenroll from a class after the end of late registration. This must be done through your college office. You will receive a grade of W and no longer be required to attend class.

Withdrawing from classes

If you wish to withdraw from one or more classes, but will still be attending at least one other class during the term, you must complete an Undergraduate: Single Course Withdrawal form for each course and take it to your college office.

You may obtain permission to withdraw from a class with a W grade during the period extending from the day following the close of late registration until the date specified in the academic calendar. After this period, you will no longer be given permission to withdraw from classes except for serious non-academic reasons (e.g., injury, family crisis).

There may be a tuition adjustment as a result of withdrawal from a class. See the withdrawal schedule.

If you wish to withdraw from all classes during the term, you must formally withdraw from the university.

If, at any time, you fail to manifest those qualities judged to be appropriate and necessary to the professional field for which you are preparing, withdrawal from the program may be required.



The Office of the Registrar is the official keeper of academic records including course registrations, grades, transcripts and diplomas.

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