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Course, term, program withdrawal forms

Most students will be able to drop a single class via CheckMarq.  

Under what circumstances can students withdraw through CheckMarq?

  • In fall and spring terms, full-time students can withdraw from a class through the withdrawal deadline if the drop in credits does not bring them below full-time status, while part-time students can withdraw from classes down to 1 credit.
  • A student's full-time or part-time status will be based on the total number of credits they are enrolled in after the add/drop deadline for the regular (1) session.
  • In summer terms, all students can withdraw from classes down to 1 credit through the withdrawal deadline for the class session.

What are the steps for students to withdraw from classes in CheckMarq?

  • The process to withdraw from a class is the same as dropping a class in CheckMarq, except a W grade is automatically assigned when the drop is completed.

For those unable to drop via CheckMarq please complete the appropriate form below:

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