Business education for the 21st century

At Marquette Business, we educate socially responsible global leaders who will be the difference in their communities and organizations. Through innovative applied learning, research with relevance and impact, ethics and social responsibility, and global perspective, our graduates are prepared to add value to their organizations from day one and excel in the competitive global environment.

Research with Relevance and Impact

We value research – it is our intellectual contribution to our disciplines and it adds value to what we teach. Research with relevance advances scholarship and is a vital, tangible contribution to the business community. Impactful research is published and communicated in ways that address the needs and concerns of the business community. Our students benefit from faculty scholarship by participating in research projects and from a classroom experience in which faculty members introduce current thinking.

Applied Learning Experiences

Building on our commitment to academic excellence, we focus on providing innovative applied learning experiences in and out of the classroom. Applied learning puts the student at the center of his or her own learning, brings the business world into the classroom and puts the student into the business environment. In partnership with business, we provide students with opportunities to apply classroom theory to real-world problems.

Applied learning experiences at Marquette include:

Ethics and Social Responsibility

To make a real difference in business and society, our graduates need experience with ethical challenges, exposure to corporate culture and corporate values, and a deep understanding of human behavior. With their Jesuit, liberal arts foundation, our students have the opportunity to study and discuss theoretical complexities of ethics and moral philosophy. With our applied learning experiences, they have the opportunity to put principles of ethics and social responsibility into action.

Global Perspective

We have a 20-year history of providing students with an international perspective through study abroad and exchange programs. In addition to emphasizing multicultural business issues in our curriculum, faculty research is global and our faculty work with colleagues across the globe. Further, our students engage with other students and professors worldwide through travel abroad or by using modern communication technologies. These experiences are intended to raise our students’ sensibilities for the uniqueness of the global business environment.