Internships for Academic Credit

You’ve acquired business skills and knowledge in the classroom. Now you are ready to apply those skills to the business world in an applied learning experience such as an internship. To facilitate this, the College of Business Administration has a well-established internship program that brings employers, faculty and students together to provide students with meaningful work experiences.

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Operations & Supply Chain Management  

1-Credit BUAD Internship

Relevant for freshmen, sophomores and international students.

Consider the BUAD 1986 Internship course if:

  1. You have secured an internship and your employer requires that you earn academic credit
  2. You are an international student on a F-1 Visa and need to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

BUAD 1986 / 2986 is a 1-credit course sequence that will enable a student to fulfill needs above.  The lower level business credit will not fulfill any graduation requirements (graduation checklist items).  It will count toward a student’s total number of credits earned at Marquette University. 

3-Credit Internship (4989 or 3986+4986)

Relevant for sophomores, juniors and seniors interning during the summer or academic year.

Fall & Spring Internships: students will enroll in a 3-credit course during the semester of the internship (4989).

Summer Internships: Students will enroll in a 0-credit course (3986) during the summer semester (to avoid a tuition charge).  After completing the 3986 course, students may enroll in the 3-credit, 4986 course during the next fall or spring semester (when tuition does not change for enrollments above 12 credits). 

Most majors: completion of the introductory course in the major in which the student will intern (most are XXXX 3001), completed 24 credits, and a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Real Estate and Finance majors: completion of REAL 3001 (Real Estate) or FINA 3001 (Finance) and a minimum GPA of 2.67 or higher in major coursework are required..

Once you receive an offer for an internship position, an Internship Approval Form must be completed describing the responsibilities, number of hours required and the length of the internship. Internship Directors in each major determine if the internship will aid in the education of the student in respect to the student's major.

Credit: Approved internships earn 3 credits - - to receive credit students must have the internship approved at the beginning of the work experience. Students earn 3 credits upon successful completion of 240 hours of work experience. It is not necessary that an internship be completed within one academic semester. You may choose which semester you apply your credits. Credit will not be given for any work done prior to the internship being approved; hours will not be applied retroactive to approval.

To receive academic credit for the internship, the student must provide an interim and final report which demonstrates the learning that has taken place. Final evaluation documents will be completed by both the student and employer.  All internship courses are graded on an S/U basis only.

Application Links: BUAD Application -- Application for all credit areas except ACCO & BUAD

3-Credit Full-Time Internship (3987)

Relevant for sophomores, juniors and seniors interning full-time during the academic year.

College of Business Administration sophomores, juniors and seniors may apply to earn credit for a full-time internship they will complete during an academic semester, similar to a co-op. The full-time internship for credit process is separated into two courses. The first course is a zero-credit course, BUAD 3987. The BUAD 3987 course holds your full-time status as a Marquette University student, requiring students to complete 400 work hours.

During the semester in which you are enrolled in BUAD 3987, you will not be charged tuition and will not pay student services fees. As a result, you will not have access to the Student Medical Clinic or the UPASS program.

The semester after completing their internships, students enroll in the second course. The second course is a 3-credit course within the department where a student will be earn credit (HURE 4986, FINA 4986, etc). The 4986 course is considered in the student’s tuition, if the student enrolls in this course during a term when they will exceed 19 total credits a “Credit Overload Request Form” needs to completed and submitted. There is no additional cost for exceeding 19 credits.

3-Credit ACCO Internship

Eligibility: Accounting major with a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better. By the start of the internship, students must have senior standing (90 credits completed) and must have completed ACCO 3001 - Intermediate Accounting, ACCO 4000 - Accounting Communications, ACCO 4020 - Advanced Accounting, ACCO 4010 - Individual Income Tax, and ACCO 4050 - Accounting Information Systems. If you do not meet the eligibility criteria for an ACCO internship, students are encouraged to consider BUAD 3986/4986 credit.

For additional eligibility and course information, please review the appropriate checklist below:

Matching Program Internships: Students who are offered an internship through the Matching Program are automatically approved for ACCO credit.

Self-Found ACCO Internships:

  • Review the Student and Position Eligibility Requirements on the Self Found Internship Checklist to see if you qualify
  • If you meet the qualifications, complete the online internship form
  • Attach your Job Description to the online internship form
  • After completing the steps above, Business Career Center staff and Mrs. Cindy Melis will review your application and will provide a response about your internship’s eligibility for ACCO credit within 2-4 business days.  If your internship is approved, you will receive a permission number for the internship course.

3-Credit Internship for Business Minors (3990)

Relevant for sophomores, juniors and seniors HURE and ENTP business minors interning during the summer or academic year.

Eligibility: HURE and ENTP business minors: completion of the introductory course in the minor in which the student will intern (most are XXXX 3001), completed 24 credits, and a 2.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Once you receive an offer for an internship position, an Internship Approval Form must be completed describing the responsibilities, number of hours required and the length of the internship. Internship Directors will determine if the internship will aid in the education of the student in respect to the student's minor.

Internships benefit you in a variety of ways.

They help you to:

  • Gain exposure to business problems and challenges that go beyond the classroom
  • Develop resume-enhancing experiences that demonstrate that you can apply the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired in the classroom
  • Fund your education, if it is a paid internship
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Expand your network of associates and professionals in the work force
  • Strengthen your marketability to employers since students who have internships typically receive more job offers prior to graduation and earn a higher starting salary

COVID-19 Summer 2020 Modifications

In response to internship changes due to COVID-19, changes to College of Business Administration internship for credit course expectations and requirements are described below.  These changes apply to students who have been previously approved for summer 2020 courses as well as for students who apply for credit for summer 2020 experiences.  Fall 2020 guidelines will be determined closer to the start of the fall term.  Applications for credit for work completed in summer 2020 should be submitted to the Business Career Center promptly and by June 22 at latest.

Adjusted Work Hours Expectations: Due to COVID-19 impacts, students who do not have the ability to complete originally required work hours (400 for ACCO, 240 for other 3986 credit areas, 120 for BUAD 1986) may continue to pursue summer 2020 internship credit through the 3986 (all majors) and BUAD 1986 courses by completing at least 60 work hours and assignment alternatives.

Countable Work Hours: Internship work hours may include employer-provided training or the internship responsibilities outlined in the student’s application for credit and job description.  Virtual and on-site work hours may count toward required work hours.

Cancelled Internships & Fewer Than 60 Work Hours: The internship courses are designed as “work term” courses, so if a student’s internship has been cancelled or the student will not complete at least 60 work hours, earning internship for credit will no longer be possible.

Ongoing Expected Assignments: Current memo, reflection feedback form and resume assignment expectations will continue.  Students may access instructions and dropboxes through D2L by June 1. 

Additional Assignment Expectations & Incomplete Work Hours: Additional assignments will be expected of students who complete fewer than the required work hours under normal circumstances (120 for 1986 and 240 for 3986 courses).  Additional assignment expectations will align with the percentage of work hours completed and as follows:

3986 Courses

  • Students who complete 60-120 hours: owe 3 additional assignments
  • Students who complete 121-180 hours: owe 2 additional assignments
  • Students who complete 181-239 work hours: owe 1 additional assignment
  • Students who complete 240 or more work hours: no additional assignments (requirement met).

BUAD 1986 Course:

  • Students who complete 60-119 hours: 1 additional assignment
  • Students who complete 120 work hours: no additional assignments (requirement met)

Assignment Instructions: Specific assignment instructions will be posted to the D2L site associated with your internship course by June 1.