Tuition & Scholarship

Limited scholarships available

Tuition for the EMBA Program is $79,500 for class of 2025. This is an investment in your future that will pay off in terms of leadership development and career advancement.

Tuition is all-inclusive and covers:

  • All EMBA Course credits
  • Textbooks and materials*
  • International trip — ground travel with the group, hotel, daily breakfast and usually one additional meal
  • Surface Pro computer (yours to keep)
  • Meals on campus
  • Parking
  • Hotel during immersion week (optional)
  • All fees

Tuition is paid on a semester basis. Students pay a $2,500 non-refundable deposit upon acceptance, then split the remainder of the tuition in equal payments over the four semesters of the EMBA program ($19,250 each in Fall 2024 (plus $2,500 deposit), January 2025, May 2025 and August 2025) you may be able to defer your last payment to January 2026 - please call the Bursar's Office at MU Central (414) 288-4000 for details. Deferring a final payment to January  can sometimes lead to the ability to access a third calendar year of employer support.

Merit Based Scholarship

Merit-based scholarship resources are available.  Students are encouraged to apply early within the application process to be considered when full scholarship resources are available.  Scholarships will be considered for ongoing applications based on resources available.

Employer Support

Many employers provide tuition assistance benefits.  EMBA applicants are encouraged to explore the benefits available through their organization and to engage in dialogue with your manager and/or Human Resources department.  Some organizations will offer tuition benefits consistently for all employees, while other organizations will provide additional support to high-potential leaders.  Learning about your organization’s approach can be a strategic way to maximize financial and professional support for your Executive MBA studies.

The EMBA Director will be happy to work with you, your supervisor and/or your human resources office to meet requirements your business has for tuition reimbursement. 

Quite frankly, Marquette offers the best value in the region for an EMBA.
-Todd Healy, EMBA


*According to the Department of Education’s Cash Management Regulations:
Under proposed §668.164(c)(2), if an institution includes the costs of books and supplies as part of tuition and fees it must separately disclose those costs and explain why including them is in the best financial interests of students.
Marquette University provides all books, cases and articles to the students in the Executive MBA Program. These materials are delivered to the students prior to the start of each term. The total cost of books, cases and articles is approximately $2,000 per student over the 4 semester program. While students could purchase these materials directly from the vendor it is usually at a higher cost (for example, Harvard Business Publishing cases sold directly to the student would be 67% higher). However, each student has the right to opt out of the all-inclusive tuition rate and purchase the materials on their own. Students will receive a $500 credit per semester if they chose to purchase their own materials. A student who takes this option does so for the entire program (i.e., you can’t opt in or out by term). Students that opt out are responsible for locating and purchasing all materials prior to class deadlines and are responsible for paying all copyright charges according to current copyright laws.
Form to opt-out of all-inclusive tuition