Management Student Organizations

Building business relationships is one of the most important tools for creating a professional network and learning more about job perspectives in your industry. Students can expand their networks by joining a student organization. These organizations promote professional, career, and social interests of students and related majors.

Human Resource Management Organization (HRMO)

The Human Resource Management student organization is the Human Resource Management Organization (HRMO), which is affiliated with the professional Society for Human Resource Management. The goal of this organization is to help interested students improving their personal and professional managerial skills and promote applied learning experiences in the human resource area.

Information Technology Student Organization (ITSO)

For Information Technology majors, the student organization is the Information Technology Student Organization (ITSO). This is a very active student group that brings in external speakers on a nearly weekly basis throughout the academic year to allow members and others hear about current trends in information technology. The group holds a number of events that bring students and professionals together, including networking events and career fairs specifically for Information Technology majors.

Operations and Supply Chain Management Student Club

The Operations and Supply Chain student organization is the Operations and Supply Chain Management Student Club (OSCM). This group brings many external speakers to campus to promote and discuss topics related to supply chain management. They also hold networking events that bring together students and recruiters looking for talent in the supply chain area.

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