Kellstadt Lecture

The Effects of Service Robots on Consumer Experiences


Friday, April 22, 2022 - EVENT CANCELLED

Maura L. Scott, Ph.D. Persis E. Rockwood Professor of Marketing, Florida State University

Martin Mende, Ph.D., Jim Moran Professor of Business Administration, Florida State University

Interactions between consumers and humanoid service robots will soon be part of routine marketplace experiences, to include contexts such as hospitality and healthcare. This research examines whether humanoid robots (relative to human employees) will trigger positive or negative consequences for consumers and companies. A series of studies reveals that consumers report lower assessments of a humanoid robot service provider (relative to a human one), and this has downstream effects on consumption behavior and the customer experience. We examine the underlying psychological process driving these consumers responses, and study moderating effects that can reduce consumers’ negative responses. Contextual boundary conditions of this effect are also examined.

                          Martin Mende              Maura Scott


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