Sales Leadership Program

About the Program 

The student-led Sales and Leadership Program serves to develop student's communication, information gathering, and problem-solving skills that provide them the ability and confidence to sell themselves, sell their ideas, and sell solutions in a business-to-business setting, that help them reach their individual goals and supplement their profession. 

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Program Events

  • Sales Week
  • Developmental Workshops 
  • Sales Role Plays 
  • Sales Competitions 
  • Networking Events
  • Women in Sales 
  • Company Visits

Meet the Student Leadership Team

Co-President: Ava Zaug

Co-President: Owen LaSala 

VP Marketing: Murphy Lealos

VP Recruitment: Nick Coppernoll

Sales Competition Team Captain: Cody Harrison  

Student Ambassadors: Hannah Luettgen, Brooke Petersen, Mateo Raso, Max Sawyer


Program Highlights

  • 75% of program students graduate with 2 or more job offers. 
  • Over $1000 in scholarships donated to students. 
  • Nationwide Alumni Connections  


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