The REALM Network was established in January 2011 to strengthen the network of Marquette University real estate alumni. In addition to the more than 300 graduates from the program since 2004, the network also includes dozens of members from previous graduating classes now working in the commercial real estate field.

In February 2012 the REALM Board of Directors was founded to focus on organization and strategy for the network. The REALM President for 2019-2020 is Kathryn Sugrue, Bus Ad '14 ( Board members represent nearly each graduating class since 2004 and come from all different facets of the industry.

Become a member of REALM!

Join one of Marquette's most active alumni networks dedicated to lifelong connections and support. Members have access to contacts for every other alum, and are encouraged to reach out to one another for information, advice, dealmaking, and general networking. Anyone can join (including non-alumni such as parents or employers), but all (1) Marquette alumni who (2) work in real estate are especially encouraged to become members.

Membership dues go directly to support the real estate program at Marquette and activities aimed at alumni and student support. Become a member today!

REALM Network