Sustainability Research

Marquette Business faculty lead the way in research related to sustainability and research topics.  Below are a few selected and timely research papers.

SAGE - 2023 Annual ETF Stewardship Report

Bin Wang

Institutional Investors and Corporate Environmental, Social, and Governance Policies: Evidence from Toxics Release Data Authors: Incheol Kim, Hong Wan, Bin Wang, Tina Yang

Corporate Social Responsibility and Information Flow, Gary Chen, Bin Wang, and Xiaohong Wang

Institutional Investors and Bank Governance: An International Analysis of Bank Earnings Management, Steve M. Miller, Rabih Moussawi, Bin Wang, and Tina Yang

Matteo Arena

Fight or flee: Outside director departures prior to contested management buyout offers
, Matteo Arena, Michaël Dewally, and Sarah Peck

The Discretionary Effect of CEOs and Board Chairs on Corporate Governance Structures Matteo P. Arena, Marcus V. Braga-Alves

Chris Merker

Does Governance of Public Pension Plans Matter?
Chris Merker & Sarah Peck

Short-termism Revisited: Improvements made and challenges in investing for the long-term CFA Institute and FGA (Chris Merker & Sarah Peck)

The 2021 Commonfund-FGA Benchmarking Study of Governance in Higher Education Commonfund and FGA (Chris Merker)

Dan Romito

Outlining How the US Energy Space Retakes Their Best-In-Class Narrative
Dan Romito

Regaining Control of the Energy Narrative: The Top 15 Anticipated ESG-Related Considerations That Will Influence Strategy in 2023
Dan Romito

Accelerating the Energy Transition Requires Bridge Building
Dan Romito

Top ESG Considerations for 2022
Dan Romito

Introducing the “Technergy” ESG Reporting Strategy
Dan Romito